Bigg Boss Is Fake and Scripted? Ex BB Contestant Reveals The Truth In This EXCLUSIVE Video and She Also Busts 5 Myths About The Show!
Bigg Boss: Reality revealed! (Image Credit: Stock Photos)

Every year, when Bigg Boss promos hit the small screen the same question is asked oh so routinely! Is the popular reality show scripted? Where does one draw the line between facts and fiction? The camera infested house could possibly be a farce, and who knows if the narrative is 'constructed' for everyone to cheat. As Salman Khan is all set to woo us again as the ultimate Bigg Boss host (New season starting this Sunday, fans!), we are asking the million dollar question again!

In fact, we put the same question to someone who has been inside the house. An ex Bigg Boss contestant revealed the truth!  Our quries were simple and straightforward too! Find the answers to the following key question in the VIDEO below!

1.  Do these glamorous people who have assistants and managers to do something as little as lifting a finger, cook all by themselves? Do they wash their own clothes and do the dishes?

2. Is there no support staff of the production team that possibly assists in keeping the house look squeaky clean?

3. Friends turn foe inside the house, and vice versa. Is all the drama scripted?

4. Who cleans the toilet and the swimming pool?

5. Do contestants really get insulated from the outside world for three long months?

Smita Gondkar who won hearts and votes with personality inside the Bigg Boss Marathi house gave her account and experience of the show. Smita Gondkar turned out to be the dark horse of Bigg Boss Marathi season one. Who would have thought the otherwise soft-spoken and seemingly bewildered Smita would make it the top three? Known for her bold and beautiful image in the Marathi film industry.