Divyanka Tripathi Goes on a Rant After Diet Sabya Called Her Out for Plagiarising Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s Iconic Belt!
Divyanka Tripathi accused of plagiarism by Diet Sabya (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Diet Sabya, an anonymous Instagram account is known to ruffle celebrities’ feathers if they happen to wear rip-off designs. And Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware that their latest target is television actress, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya. The 33-year-old Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress was called out by Diet Sabya on Sunday for wearing a rip-off of Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s iconic ‘Bengal Tiger Motif’ belt. Twenty-four hours later, the actress has come back with a fiery response to plagiarism allegations. Divyanka Tripathi Called Out by Diet Sabya Over Sabyasachi’s Signature Tiger Motif Belt Copy! See Picture.

Divyanka who loves dressing up and posting it on Instagram as any influencer found herself in a tricky situation courtesy her last OOTD. She had worn a maxi dress by Raisin and cinched her waist with a belt from Rimayu. Now, this accessory got Divyanka in the trouble as it turned out to be a rip-off Sabyasachi’s trademark belt. While the actress and her stylist Victor Robinson missed out on this ‘little’ detail, it failed to miss out the watchful eyes of Diet Sabya that has made a mark in the industry by exposing designers who are copying others’ works.

Without mincing their words, Diet Sabya pointed out Divyanka’s problematic OOTD, “#Guts On A Sunday afternoon!! 🤯...Y’all will often tell us not to blame the celebrity, but you’ve to live under a giant rock to not know that this is an iconic @sabyasachiofficial belt. NO excuses!! ..#dietsabya #Gandi #copy #lol #🤢.” Interestingly, they did it without naming or tagging actress’ Insta handle. However, they merged Divyanka’s image with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s photo in which the Bollywood actress is seeing wearing an original Sabyasachi belt.

Diet Sabya Points Out Divyanka Tripathi Wearing Sabyasachi's Rip-Off

Divyanka Tripathi's Reply on Diet Sabya's Post

Screenshot of Divyanka's reply on Diet Sabya's post (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The post by Diet Sabya went viral in a day, which also resulted in the actress facing the wrath of online trolling. Divyanka also posted a reply to Diet Sabya’s post, writing, “My genuine ignorance maybe a big fashion crime for you...but you guys definitely have the guts to be rude to another level. Thanks for pointing out the mistake. No thanks for being inhuman and harsh!” But that is not all as the actress has come out with a very strongly-worded and lengthy note on her Insta handle.

Read Divyanka Tripathi's Lengthy Note Attacking Diet Sabya


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Sorry guys! I truly wanted to forget yesterday's episode when I was slammed and humiliated (by an insta profile and it's followers) for wearing a belt slightly similar to a branded piece (which I was ofcourse unaware of). But this comment!!!!!! I just couldn't resist putting up your comment on my post! MORE POWER TO YOU GIRL.💪 YOU VERBALISED WHAT I WAS THINKING. EVEN I COME FROM A HUMBLE BACKGROUND! MAKING MOCKERY OF PEOPLE FOR THEIR DRESSING, IS SUCH AN ARROGANT AND HIGH-HANDED, HIGH SCHOOL SNOB ATTITUDE! THANK GOD, THIS HAPPENED WITH ME! ELSE, I WOULD NOT HAVE KNOWN THIS SIDE OF BULLYING WORLD. FEW MAY FEEL EMBARASSED AND KEEP SHUT...BUT I PREFER CALLING A SPADE A SPADE AND BULLYING- BULLYING! NOPE, I AM NOT A REGULAR CELEBRITY! I AM DIFFERENT BECAUSE "I AM NO DIFFERENT FROM PEOPLE WATCHING ME" & GETTING BULLDOZED FOR MY CLOTHING...WELL, NOT ACCEPTABLE! This happened to me and I felt so pressurised suddenly, felt like digging a hole and burrying my face. Imagine this happening with people who can't afford great dresses and designs, let alone a stylist or designer. In fact, NOT ALL CELEBRITIES AND STARS ARE RICH in contrast to a common expectation. Few become stars because of their QUALITY OF WORK and NOT WHAT THEY WEAR and HOW MUCH THEY EARN or FOR THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF FASHION WORLD! Everybody has a different forté! Bullying and belittling someone for that is SO DISHONORABLE, MEAN and VAIN! . (PS : I could be right or wrong but at least I don't keep shut when being humiliated! It's a lesson for my readers- "Speak up for yourself when oppressors think they are the bosses!") Aaahh!! Bol ke kaleje ko thandak mil gai 😁

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That’s one hell of a rant! Divyanka has spoken about everything from cyberbullying to fashion shaming. She is accusing Diet Sabya of being rude, inhuman and harsh to her. Would have been great if she also mentioned how plagiarism is a significant area of concern in the fashion industry and in general. Sabyasachi is a huge fashion designer, and it would not affect him if people copied his designs but just imagine a budding fashion designer being robbed off their work by rip-off artists. Horrible, isn’t it? Firstly, it’s wrong to copy. Secondly, it is worse to defend the act. For not keep watching this space to get the latest updates on Divyanka vs Diet Sabya!