Ishqbaaz March 5, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Shivaansh Gets Hospitalized After He Manages to Expose Varun In Front of Everyone With Mannat’s Help
Nakuul Mehta and Niti Taylor (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with SSO (Nakuul Mehta) telling Mannat that if they are unable to find Varun (Zaan Khan) what will happen as he had promised the commissioner that within 24 hours he will bring the culprit. Mannat tells why Varun made her marry SSO and what was his idea behind it, SSO says that he is also not understanding why he wanted them to get married.  SSO tells that PN had brought her in the house and that her Chachi and she went to buy vegetable and met PN there. SSO tells the hairdresser was also send by Chachi and it means that she is also involved with him. SSO questions Chachi why she did this all and where is Varun now. Chachi says that she was involved with Varun to bring Mannat in this house and tried to open the locker along with  Varun. SSO comes to the conclusion that Varun and ACP Aditi were together and were making all these plans against him. SSO warns Chachi that if she troubles Mannat or Munni from now onwards then he will hand her to the police and tells her to go and tells her not to tell about him to anyone. Ishqbaaz March 1, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Shivaansh Has 24 Hours to Prove His Innocence and Find Truth About Varun With Mannat’s Help

SSO tells that he had kept the will in the locker and tells Mannat that now he understands why Varun wanted him to marry her as in his will he has written that after his death all the property will go to his wife and if he does not marry it will all go to the trust, which is made in the name of Radhika. Mannat says that not destiny but Varun made them together. Suddenly SSO coughs and feels restless, Mannat gives him some water with the medicine. SSO  is not able to breathe and tells that only two to three days are left of his life. Mannat asks if he is fine (Janey jaaa janey jaa track is played in the background). SSO tells that Varun is alive and he wants him to come out of his shelter. Nakuul Mehta's Ishqbaaz Will Go Off Air To Make Way for Shaheer Sheikh's Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke?

There the commissioner calls the press and announces that SSO has surrendered himself but he is innocent and has not killed Varun. She tells that Sharda has come out of the coma and will give a statement which will help SSO in this case. There Varun is watching the TV and gets frustrated and angry after hearing that Sharda is alive and plans to kill her before anyone comes to know about him.

Varun comes in the bride getup and comes to Sharda’s room to kill her and finds SSO there and is shocked. SSO ask why did he do all this asks even after being married, why did he marry Radhika. Varun then hits him with a vase and holds Mannat with a knife and tells SSO to stay away or else he will kill Mannat. Mannat bites Varun, as SSO grabs him and brings him down in front of everyone and tells him to confess his crime. The commissioner comes and takes Varun into custody. SSO tells everyone that Varun has done this all and his real name is Ashish Malhotra. SSO also reveals that he (Varun) is already married with a girl name Dipti. Varun used to dress as a bride and do all the work and narrates all of the incidents that took place in the house.

Sahil asks where is Sharda as she was supposed to give the statement, but the commissioner tells that had lied about it to catch Varun red-handed. SSO tells that he even blackmailed Mannat and kidnapped her sister Munni. SSO tells that Varun caused PN's heart attack so that he could emotionally persuade him (SSO) to marry Mannat as Varun knew that after SSO's death, all his property will go to his wife and also reveals that Varun killed Honey as he came to know about him. SSO tells Varun that the truth comes out one day. PN shouts at Varun as how could he do like this. PN asks if Varun was alive then why he took the blame on him, Sahil tells everyone that he did this to protect Radhika as in anger she had hit Varun on the head. SSO did not want Radhika to be in trouble so he told everyone that he did this all. Radhika asks forgiveness from SSO and hugs him, even PN also tells him to forgive her that she also thought that SSO has done this crime. Everyone gets emotional and cry. SSO tells that they should thank Mannat as because of her he came to know the truth and when no one believed him she was the only one who believed him.

In the precap, SSO coughs and get uncomfortable, Mannat and all take him to the hospital.