Ishqbaaz March 1, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Shivaansh Has 24 Hours to Prove His Innocence and Find Truth About Varun With Mannat’s Help
Ishqbaaz (Photo Credits: Star Plus)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Mannat telling SSO (Nakul Mehta) that this was the wall in which the photo was there and that now it is not there. SSO tells that he believes her and shows her two cups of tea in which little tea is there and assumes that maybe someone just went from here, and tells Manant we should go out and find out where they have gone. SSO and Mannat go out and ask a shopkeeper, whether he saw anyone, he says that one couple used to stay there and their names were Ashish Malhotra and Deepti. SSO tries to think who is it. SSO shows Varun’s photo and asks whether he is this person, the man recognize them. Ishqbaaz February 28, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Shivaansh Breaks the Prison With Mannat to Find Out the Truth About Varun.

SSO thinks why has Varun lied to them and that if he was married why he married Radhika. Mannat says she is still in shock as SSO trust her (Janey Jaa Janey track is played in the background). Suddenly SSO holds Mannat and hides behind a car as he sees a police jeep passing by. SSO tries to run with Mannat but the commissioner comes and catch him and ask why he ran from the prisoner and asks why he did this. SSO tries to tell the commissioner that someone is there who is trying to harm his family and he wants to find it out. The commissioner tells him why did he not tell her earlier and that, to find out the culprit is police’s work and not his. SSO says that he wanted to get the proof and then he wanted to tell her.

The commissioner tells Mannat that she helped SSO run from the jail and asks why Mannat says that SSO is innocent. SSO promises that within 24 hours he will bring the culprit in front of her and that she should trust him. The commissioner hugs SSO and tells him not to do anything silly and tells Mannat to take care of SSO as he is her son.

SSO continuously coughs but tells Mannat that they have only 24 hours, Mannat tells him that they should rest in some hotel as he is not feeling well. SSO says they don’t have the money or card then how will they go to the hotel. Mannat tells him that by his goodwill we will get a room, Mannat asks him how many hours he wants to sleep and takes some money from her bag but SSO says by this money they won’t get a room. Mannat tells him to follow her and that she will get it. They both enter an hotel, SSO says this hotel is not good but Mannat says lets go in. Mannat goes in and says that they want the room for four hours, but SSO tells that they want the room for the full night and takes the keys and go to the room. SSO thinks how can he stay here as it is not clean, but Mannat is happy as she has come to an hotel for the first time. SSO sees her happy and smiles seeing her innocence.

Mannat tells SSO to sleep on the bed and she puts a mat down to sleep. In the middle of the night SSO feels uncomfortable, Mannat sees this and thinks may be this lights are disturbing him and tries to sit from where the lights are coming so that SSO won’t get disturbed. SSO wakes up and ask Mannat what will she have for breakfast, she orders paratha and relishes it. SSO watches her eating and ask her does she remembers their plan.

There in the Oberoi mansion, everyone is trying to console Radhika and telling her to eat something, but she is not ready to eat anything until she comes to know who has killed her Varun. PN says that Varun and SSO were two eyes of this house and that both went together and cries. Suddenly they see some people coming in the house with big boxes and ask whose are those. Mannat comes and tells that it is hers and says that she is tired and want to rest and will talk to them later. Radhika shouts at Mannat and tells how dare she talk like this with PN and tell her to get out from there. Mannat tells that she understands her pain but she won’t go from the house and that she is the wife of SSO. PN tells that SSO has told that he has removed her from the house, Mannat tells that husband and wife fight it does not mean that they are separated from each other and asks PN will she not welcome her as she is the bride of the house. PN tells that this is her house, Mannat touches her feet.

Mannat tells the men to take the boxes up top her room. When she is in the room, she tells SSO to come out who is hiding inside one of the boxes. Mannat tells that they have come in but how will they find out about Varun. SSO tells that he is not feeling good to check his sister’s husband’s room. Mannat tells that Varun is a culprit and that they have to find the truth. As Mannat opens the door to go to Varuns’s room PN comes and questions her that is she hiding something.

PN asks that she helped SSO from running from the jail it means she knows where is SSO. Mannat tells that she had gone to meet SSO but she did not knew that SSO will do anything like that and that now she has come to enjoy as she is SSO’s wife. SSO goes to Varun’s room to check and opens the cupboard and searches inside it, just then Radhika comes in and opens the cupboard to keep Varun’s clothes which are lying on the bed, SSO hides himself in one side of the cupboard. In the precap, SSO comes to know that Varun was the kidnapper who used to call Mannat.