Kumkum Bhagya June 26, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Pragya Is Heartbroken on Hearing Abhi Blame Her for Kiara’s Death Before Disha
Sriti Jha and Shabir Ahluwalia (Photo Credits: Twitter)

In yesterday’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, we saw Abhi find out that Pragya was among the guests who showed up for the event without an ID and wonders if she is the killer. Disha meets Pragya and tries to tell Prachi that she is her aunt. Pragya refuses to talk to Disha about Abhi. Tonight's episode of the show starts with Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) realizes that Disha and Pragya (Sriti Jha) were both at the event and assumes Disha will know where Pragya is. He goes to Disha’s office and finds she has gone to Prachi’s house. Kumkum Bhagya June 25, 2019 Written Update Full episode:Abhi Saves Pragya, but Doesn’t See Her Face As Prachi Takes Her Mother Home

On the other hand, Disha is at Pragya’s house asking her why she is hiding the truth about Prachi’s father. Pragya tells Disha that she doesn’t want Abhi to find out about his daughter and take her away. Pragya admits she won’t be able to live without Prachi and has kept her truth hidden. Disha promises to not disrupt her family that is settled.

Meanwhile, Abhi reaches Prachi’s house to meet Disha. He asks Shahana to call Disha out into the living room. Pragya too follows Disha out of the room. However, when she sees Abhi standing in the living room, she hides behind a door. Abhi asks Disha to come to his house, but Disha refuses. He asks her if she has seen Pragya at the event. Disha confirms to Abhi that she has seen Pragya but doesn’t have any information about her.

Abhi asks Disha to tell Pragya that he is sorry for everything he did. Disha tries to defend Pragya in what she did to Kiara, but Abhi blames Pragya for Kiara’s death.

Pragya hears this and is shocked to see that Abhi still blames her for Kiara’s death. Abhi even takes back his apology to Pragya and leaves. Disha apologizes to Pragya but Pragya asks Disha to go back to Abhi’s house. Disha says just like Pragya doesn’t trust Abhi anymore, she too doesn’t trust Purab anymore.

In tomorrow's episode, Pragya tells Prachi that Disha is her Mami also. Prachi asks about Mama. Pragya says you have all the family. Prachi asks about her father. Later Prachi tells Disha that she got the lift. Disha sees Purab in the car.