Kundali Bhagya 10th August 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Monisha Plots to Defame Karan at The Conference
Photo Credit: Zee TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Prithvi getting alarmed as he senses someone is in the house. Later he finds that it is Sherlin and they start arguing over who saves whom and how the other is always creating problems.

Sherlin demands to know where Prithvi was. Prithvi says that he was making arrangements for Karan's(Dheeraj Dhoopar) destruction. He says that he planted someone in the party who will defame Karan to an extent where even his family will not support him.

Monisha enters the party and spots Karan. There Sameer is trying his luck with some girls, but all of them end up attracted to Karan and his charms. Srishti wants to confess her feelings to Sameer, and she practices on the phone.

She accidentally dials Sameer, and he hears her confession. He does not understand it though. They are almost on the verge of telling each other their feelings when Sameer is interrupted by a girl.

Srishti hears this girl and furiously hangs up. Karan comes to know that a new physiotherapist has joined the team. Preeta meets the other players but is not able to meet Karan as she goes to get a glass of water.

Karan senses Preeta's presence again. Monisha walks up to Karan and flirts with him. She claims to be his greatest fan and also asks him to autograph her neck.

The media captures this moment, and Prithvi with Sherlin watch this. Prithvi says that Karan will be trapped in a scandal that will destroy him. Sherlin is happy that Preeta will lose Karan and Prithvi both.

Prithvi though does not want to let go of Preeta now. Monisha follows Karan to the bar, and she pays the bartender some money for a job. Karan is talking to her when the bartender drops a glass of drink on her. She asks Karan to take her to the room and help her clean up.