Driver in Dumka Lynched by Locals As Minor Boy Dies After Getting Hit by His Truck
Lynching incident, Dumka (Photo credits: ANI)

Bihar, September 10: Locals lynched a truck driver yesterday when a two-year-old boy died after being hit by his truck in Dumka. According to an ANI report, Police said, "The child was going with his sister when the truck hit him, and he died. His sister shouted the villagers gathered and beat the driver, resulting in his death'." Lynching in India: Understanding Mob Violence and The Psychology Behind The Killings.

PM Narendra Modi was recently quoted speaking on the issue of lynching saying, "Lynching is a crime, no matter what the motive is," PM Modi told a leading newspaper. “My government is fully committed to upholding the rule of law and protecting the life and liberty of every citizen... No person can, under any circumstances, take the law into his or her hand and commit violence," he added.

India has seen a sudden spurt in the news of mob violence, from some rumours being spread by social media to people venting their anger on someone, lynching has become a very common solution to every problem. These incidents show that it takes very little to agitate the mob, in most of the cases, it only took a rumour, a suspicion or a Whatsapp message for the attacks to happen.