FAKE IT Raid Busted: Fraud Gang Inspired by 'Special 26' Movie Enter Mumbai Businessman's House, Gets Arrested!
Gold ( Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Mumbai, September 10: A gang of five posed as income tax officers and entered the home of a Santacruz businessman, but surprisingly they didn't steal the jewellery, nor did they hurt the businessman's wife because they got scared when the woman shouted at them. According to a Times of India report, after getting information from the building watchman, that the businessman's wife was alone, the gang entered his house posing as IT officers and told that they got a tip-off that some illegal jewellery were bought. A 33-year-old Businessman Shot Dead in Navi Mumbai.

However, the woman showed them the VAT and GST bills for the valuables. Scared that they would get caught, the fraud gang told them to pay Rs 1,000 to pay to the local police and they left. The gang was inspired by the Bollywood film 'Special 26'. In the film, the group poses as CBI officers to execute a fake income tax raid.

When the husband returned home, she told him about the raid and shared her suspicions about the IT raid.  They went to the nearby police station and made their complaint. The fraud gang is currently in the police custody till September 11.