Anisur Rahman Niloy is a personality who has achieved success at a young age, he is a successful freelancer as well as a young entrepreneur, he is making his life successful as well as the lives of hundreds of his students. He has established a successful IT center at the age of only 23 years. Even the education could also not get completed. But, the keen desire and the passion for Digital Marketing stuff led him to establish such a big Institut with the brand name ‘Niloy IT Institute’

He always chose to help his students not as a trainer but as a friend. In addition to his busy schedule, he is always by the side of his students through live classes and 24-hour support. He is a social media personality as well as teaching thousands of young people about digital marketing and freelancing through his Youtube channel. Anisur rahman niloy playing an important role in the online IT industry of Bangladesh and is working to eliminate unemployment. He has a mindset that isn’t restricted by geopolitical borders., his institute keeps open the 1st class of each batch and orientation class through which students can acquire knowledge.

He is currently successfully teaching 13 batches and conducts more than 1 weekly support class for the development and problem solving of students, his institute keeps open the 1st class of each batch. They ensure that you achieve your career goal in life. He used the slogan "Your better future is our mission" for his organization. All in all, the quality of his education and. The strategies are very effective for people of all ages. The main purpose behind creating this course or program was to build a number of freelancers in Bangladesh. Ntini is currently steadfast in his goalNiloy IT Institute has expanded its foundation ever since and has reached the height of success with a lot of efforts.

Anisur Rahman Niloy spends most of his day researching how to develop students and during the day he stays in touch with students in addition to his work, he takes night classes so that people of all ages and professions can join. In the course he offers from his institute, 100 classes are completed Live through which students can learn basic to advance Digital marketing, on the other hand, students are given guidelines for complete freelancing success all over the journey. Main features of this institute are 100% job placement along with certification. Their training program is designed in such a way that makes one understand the key elements to core of Digital marketing and Freelancing.

Organized in all aspects and activities of Niloy IT Institute, Anisur Rahman Niloy, and his brothers have been managing this institution through experience, their hard work only to make their students successful.

This successful young Entrepreneur teaches us that Success is the result of key determination and concentration while moving ahead in the path of workings.