Everyone dreams of being something great in life and that is a pretty common motive for most, but only some, really do so with flourishing colors. Amber Smith is one such woman who needs to be recognized for her resilience. Amber is a huge success, she is a great mother of three that has been able to find her path into starting an amazing business empire. With her experience and willpower, she has come a long way, her toiling and struggles have brought in most of her success. She aspires to change the lives of many and guide them towards their success. Her admiration towards beating the odds has definitely paved the way to her success.

Amber being a single mother managed to bring about a change in her life and do things that are considered impossible by many others. She has tailored her life and chose to make things better with the cards she’s been dealt. Women have their own problems with the limitations put upon them by society but still, here is Amber, one such gem who broke all stereotypes and made things possible for herself through consistent effort and sheer willingness to bring about a change.

She has made herself responsible and worked in various key positions in different firms that paved the way to her becoming an entrepreneur with the experience and knowledge she gained. Amber has successfully given birth to a financial support firm, THE BLACK MILLIONAIRE PROJECT which will help thousands with managing their finances. She has explored many niches and has gained lots of experience in business management, digital marketing, brand management, financial education and credit counseling. She aspires to channel her expertise. With her expertise, Amber is all set to start this mentorship program to support and elevate the lives of many people! She plans to guide and motivate them towards reaching their goals by collaborating with successful businesses and entrepreneurs. The program will launch by the end of September 2021 and is mainly focused on black women who are eagerly looking to transform their lives and make success happen for them as well. This program will bring about a change in the lives of many who undertake it, as she hopes to build the program with precise and concise details. She also had some of the best marketing courses and materials on her website, which might be of great value and prove to be good for business owners and start-ups.

She aspires to only get better and better and is headed out to explore things that can bring in more success. She has been greatly inspiring and has been doing a fabulous job of upbringing new businesses and entrepreneurs by providing assistance and strategies. Her networking assistance has been revered by hundreds of entrepreneurs. She wants more young women to step out and make success happen, and will be providing the necessary support and inspiration for them. She strongly believes in herself and her mentorship program and will purely enjoy creating more success stories around her proven strategies.