November 1 is State Formation Day for Seven Indian States: Know Why and How Karnataka, Kerala, MP, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh Formed
The Tricolour, India's Flag | Representative Image | (Photo Credits: File Image)

New Delhi, November 1: Today, that is November 1, marks the foundation day of seven Indian states namely Karnataka, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. Though these seven states were formed in different years, they were founded on November 1, making the date a special one considering that five states celebrate their foundation day on November 1.

Let us have a brief look at the foundation of the seven states that celebrate their foundation day on November 1.

Kannada Rajyotsava

The state of Karnataka was formed on Nov 1, 1956 and celebrates its 63rd formation day today. In the 1950s, after India became a republic nation, demand for states and provinces based on linguistic basis grew louder. Kannada speaking part was named a state called 'Mysore'. However, the name 'Mysore' was not accepted by all and the people demanded that the name be changed to Karnataka.

Kerala Piravi

"God's Own Country" Kerala was created on Nov 1, 1956 and every year, November 1 is celebrated as 'Kerala Piravi Dinam' in the state. Before India won independence in 1947, Kerala as we know today stretched in three independent provinces namely Malabar, Cochin and Travancore. These major parts were brought together to form the state of Kerala which will be celebrating its 63rd foundation day today, on November 1, 2018.


The state of Chhattisgarh was carved out of the state of Madhya Pradesh on Nov 1, 2000. It range 135,194 sq kms in terms of area and has a population of about 25.5 million. Chhattisgarh has 27 districts and 5 divisions namely Bastar, Bilaspur, Durg, Raipur and Surguja. Chhattisgarh is the tenth largest state in India.


Haryana celebrates its Formation Day on November 1. It was carved out of the former state of East Punjab on Nov 1, 1966. Haryana proved to be a boon for India as it led the Green Revolution movement in terms of crop output. The 'Milliennium City' of Gurgaon, now known as Gurugram is an important business hub. Haryana will celebrate the 52nd anniversary of its formation day.


On November 1, Punjab celebrates its Formation Day. Going back to history, the Punjabi Suba movement was one of the key events in the formation of Punjab in the erstwhile East Punjab state of India in the 1950s. The movement, led by the Akali Dal, resulted in the formation of the Punjabi-majority Punjab state, the Haryanvi-Hindi-majority Haryana state and the Union Territory of Chandigarh.


Rajasthan was re-organised on November 1, 1956. Under State Re-organisation Act 1956 the former part ‘C’ State of Ajmer, Abu Road, Taluka, the former part of princely State, Sirohi which was amalgamated in former Bombay and Sunel Tappa area of the former Madhya Bharat fused with Rajasthan. The Sironj subdistrict, Jhalawar was relocated to Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh celebrates its Formation Day on November 1. Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state in India in terms of area and has the sixth-largest population among Indian states. Madhya Pradesh was formed on November 1, 1956 and will celebrate its 63rd Foundation Day today, November 1, 2018.

India comprises of a total of 36 states and Union territories. Of these, 29 are states while seven are Union Territories.