Bhuj, May 26: Authorities of GK General Hospital, which is managed by Adani Education and Research Foundation on Saturday, denied the allegation of medical negligence against the hospital. The hospital authority in a statement termed the report of the death of seven infants on May 21 as false and asserted that only one infant which was kept in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), with a viral infection, passed away on that particular day.

The authorities also stated that many patients admitted to the hospital are referred cases and on their way to the hospital, they develop further complications, which results in a higher mortality rate at the hospital. "The total Infant Mortality Rate of the hospital is 14%. Death rate increases if there is an increase in the number of outborn (who were not born in the hospital) infants. In the past year, out of 33,284 infants treated in the hospital, 1,080 have been treated in the NICU," the hospital said.

"Out of the infants admitted in May 2018, 19 were on invasive ventilators and 6 were on non-invasive ventilation. Deaths within 24 hours of admission were 7," the hospital added. The hospital further clarified that the NICU is functioning under the Department of Pediatrics headed by Dr Hasmukh Chauhan with 31 years of experience and he is supported by a team of experienced doctors.

"The G.K. General Hospital has sufficient supplies of all drugs on the Essential Drugs List and provides the same to the patients free of cost. The hospital began functioning with 10 beds in the NICU, while today, it has a 30-bed NICU," said Dr Gyaneshwar Rao.

The Gujarat Government earlier on Friday ordered an inquiry into allegations of negligence by doctors and staff of the hospital that has resulted in the deaths of at least 19 infants in the past 24 days. As per media reports, 111 infants died in the NICU in the first five months of 2018 in the hospital.