When remodeling my bedroom, I was intent on finding a bed that totally embodied who I am and made me feel right at home. While on my search, I found that so many online stores had boring, run of the mill type designs that didn’t allow me to flex my creativity, and whenever I found an option that was tweakable to my exact taste, it was over-the-top expensive. That’s when I found Valyou Furniture and its Charm 2.0 bed, offering me a completely customizable option in a cool design that was still totally affordable for my budget.

While browsing Valyou’s site, I was first attracted to the Charm 2.0 bed when I saw the variety of wood available finishes for the base, with light ash and walnut as options. I’ve always loved wood furniture for its homey, vintage feel, and the darker toned walnut immediately caught my eye. Then I saw I could customize the pillow-like headboard as well with four different colors to choose from! This kind of personalization was exactly what I had been looking for, and Valyou furniture’s Charm 2.0 bed delivered it in droves. Ultimately, I decided on the black leather headboard option, wanting to add some sleekness to the room.

Valyou Furniture’s page told me my Charm 2.0 would be super easy to set up, with the handmade bed’s assembly using a Japanese technique only requiring myself, a screw, and five minutes of my time. With the site clearly detailing my new bed would come in only three boxes, I thought -- hey, why not complete the set? I then decided to order the Charm Nightstands to match, likewise in the beautiful walnut finish, with the assembly taking another mere five minutes and two boxes to complete.

That was it -- five boxes total, ten minutes of assembly time, and my bedroom would feel brand new again! After a quick review of the company’s awesome two week return policy, and a ton of reviews praising Valyou’s quick delivery time, I pulled the trigger and made my purchase. Plus, Valyou Furniture’s $50 off coupon for new customers certainly didn’t hurt the ordering process for me!

Overall, I’m beyond satisfied with my buying experience with Valyou Furniture, and have received countless compliments on how cool my new bedroom set looks from my friends. And beyond that, I’ve had better night's sleep in my Charm 2.0 than I have had in years! Next time I need a new piece for my house, Valyou Furniture is the first place I’ll go to shop, and I recommend anyone else in the market for new home furnishings to do the same.