New Delhi, July 12: The prices of petrol were increased again on Monday, July 12 by the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). The rates of petrol have crosses the Rs 100-mark in metros as well as other cities across the country. However, with prices diesel were cut on Monday providing the much required relief to the consumer from the record-breaking high fuel prices. In Delhi the price of petrol was increased by 28 paise on Monday and now stands at Rs 101.19 per litre. The price of diesel stands at Rs 89.72 per litre after a cut of 16 paise in the national capital on Monday.

In Mumbai, with the hike of 27 paise the price of petrol reached Rs 107.20 per litre on Monday. A day prior, on Sunday, petrol costed Rs 106.93 per litre in the Maharashtra's capital city. The price of petrol breached Rs 100-mark in Mumbai on May 29 this year and has remained above it since then. Meanwhile, with a decrease of 17 paise, the price of diesel in Mumbai came down to Rs 97.29 on Monday. World May See Peak of Petrol, Diesel Demand by 2035 but Not in India, Says Oil Ministry Official.

Check Prices Of Petrol & Diesel In Metro Cities On July 12, 2021 Here:

City Petrol  Price Diesel Price
Delhi Rs 101.19 Rs 89.72
Mumbai Rs 107.20 Rs 97.29
Kolkata Rs 101.35 Rs 92.81
Chennai Rs 101.92 Rs 94.24

The price of petrol in Kolkata stood at Rs 101.35 per litre on Monday. The petrol price was hiked by 0.34 paise from Rs 101.01 per litre on Sunday. The diesel price in Kolkata stood at Rs 92.81 per litre after a cut of 16 paise on Monday. The prices of petrol and diesel in Chennai on Monday stands at Rs 101.92 per litre and Rs 94.24 per litre respectively.

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