Medical Apathy In Delhi Government's Sushruta Trauma Centre; Worms Found Inside Patient's Wounds Admitted In ICU
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

New Delhi, September 15: In a shocking incident of medical apathy, worms have been found inside the wounds of a patient admitted in Intense Care Unit (ICU) in Delhi government-run Sushruta Trauma Centre. According to reports, the doctor on duty asked the staff to remove flies from the patient’s wounds, but no action was taken. Soon after worms started coming out of the wounds and they started stinking.

On August 14, Harishchandra was admitted to the hospital after receiving an injury on the head. He was shifted to the ICU, and windpipe was inserted so that patient could breathe easily. On September 2, the junior doctor while on a visit discovered flies around the windpipe. He in his written report mentioned the same. Later, 30 worms were removed from the wounds.

It is not the first time medical negligence has been from the trauma centre. In August, doctors of the hospital operated upon the leg of a patient admitted with a head injury. The patient, Vijendra Tyagi, was admitted to the trauma centre with minor injuries on his head and face after he met with an accident. A surgeon confused him with another patient and operated upon his leg. Taking cognisance of the incident the Delhi Medical Council (DMC) had sought a detailed report.