New Delhi, January 21: BJP leader Uma Bharti on Thursday called for liquor ban in all the BJP ruled states. She posted a series of tweet in this regard. Bharti appealed to BJP's national chief JP Nadda to bring on alcohol on all the states governed by the party. She wrote, "I am making a public appeal to our national President JP Nadda for implementing liquor ban on all BJP ruled states."Bihar Liquor Ban: Despite Prohibition, 8,606 Liters of Alcoholic Drink Seized per Day in Last 11 Months.

The BJP leader wrote that government only facilitates the consumption of alcohol by general public. She added that the liquor ban during COVID-19 lockdown clearly shows that no one dies of not having alcohol. Citing Bihar's example, Bharti added that BJP's victory in the state elections prove that due to liquor ban all the women voted for Nitish Kumar. Bihar Police Suspends Three SHOs for Failure to Enforce Liquor Ban Law.

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Bharti highlighted the recent cases of death reported in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh due to consumption of spurious liquor." Most of the road accidents are caused by the driver’s drinking. It is surprising that liquor is the messenger of death, yet greed and pressure from the liquor mafia does not allow for prohibition,” she wrote.

She further added that the government spends thousands of rupees on maintaining the law and order in the country. To bring a balance in the society liquor ban is important. Bharti wrote that a proper debate on alcohol ban can be initiated. Two BJP ruled states Gujarat and Bihar have already banned alcohol consumption and supply.

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