In the voting held after the conclusion of the debate on no-confidence motion, 325 MPs voted 'no', whereas, 126 lawmakers voted 'ayes'. "The no-trust vote has, thereby, been defeated," Speaker Sumitra Maharajan announced as she adjourned the House. Thank you for staying tuned with the live coverage!

The Opposition has been defeated by the ruling BJP and allies in the voice vote held on the no-trust motion following the debate.

"I would like to thank the Prime Minister for his speech. His speech was akin to a scene from a Bollywood blockbuster. It was similar to 2014, when people of this nation were betrayed by the fancy speeches and hollow promises," said TDP MP Kesineni Srinivas, who had moved the no-confidence motion taken up for discussion.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ended his speech. In the concluding lines, he assured the people of Andhra Pradesh of "full cooperation from the Centre" for the state's development.

PM Modi said violence is unacceptable in any form and asked the state governments to enact stringent laws to curb lynchings and mob violence incidents.

Modi said the banks were mismanaged under the Congress rule, to the extent where the lending operations were nearly paralysed due to unethical loans extended to unqualified buyers. "Loans were given over the phone in the Congress rule. This is how the NPAs were spread during this period," he said.

Modi said the erstwhile government led by Congress had fooled the farmers for 10 years under its rule. "We have finally fulfilled the demand to raise the minimum support prices by 150 per cent," he added.

PM Modi said his government is binded by the 14th Finance Commission, and, hence, could not grant the special status to Andhra Pradesh. "But we had prepared a special financial package which would had similarly expedited development in the state...The TDP, however, took U-turn to hide its own shortfalls," Modi said.

PM Modi said his party had opposed the division of Andhra Pradesh as it was bound to cause financial hardships. "At the time, I had said that we are trying to kill the mother (Andhra) for the birth of the child (Telangana). And it was the former government responsible for this, which closed the doors of Rajya Sabha and demarcated the state," he said.

On Rahul Gandhi's claim that the Prime Minister will not be able to look eye-to-eye with him, Modi said, "He is right. Who am I to look into the eyes of a dynast. I'm born to a poor mother in a backward caste. I'm a worker, he's a dynast. Don't we know the fate of those who looked eye to eye with the (Nehru-Gandhi) family. We know what happened to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Morarji Desai, Chaudhary Charan Singh, Chandrashekhar and Pranab Mukherjee."

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New Delhi, July 20: Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government will face its first no-confidence motion in Parliament today. The Lok Sabha will witness a day-long debate on motion of no-confidence moved by the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). While the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) seemed confident about its numbers, the Congress will use the opportunity to target the government on a range of issues. Catch live updates on debate and vote over no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha here.

The BJP can alone defeat the no-confidence motion. It has 274 MPs, whereas the number required to gain a majority is 268. The BJP also has the support of Ram Vilas Paswan’s LJP (6 MPs) and Shiromani Akali Dal (4 MPs). The Shiv Sena (18 MPs), which had reportedly issued a whip to its MPs on Thursday asking them to vote against the motion, has withdrawn its whip. The party has said that it will take a decision just before the debate begins in Lok Sabha. (Here is the time allotted to each party to speak during the debate)

No-Confidence Debate in Lower House: Who Gets How Much Time?

- BJP: 3 hours, 38 minutes

- Congress: 38 minutes

- AIADMK: 29 minutes

- TMC: 27 minutes

- BJD: 15 minutes

- Shiv Sena: 14 minutes

- TDP: 13 minutes

- TRS: 9 minutes

- CPI(M): 7 minutes

- Samajwadi Party: 6 minutes

- NCP: 6 minutes

The BJP on Thursday took a dig at UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi for saying that the Congress was confident of the numbers. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar ridiculed Sonia Gandhi's efforts to bring a no-trust vote against the NDA regime, saying her arithmetic is weak. Kumar claimed she got the numbers incorrect in 1996 and 2003, and "tomorrow will be no exception".

The no-confidence motion is a weapon of the legislature to bring down the elected government in case it appears to be losing the majority mark. The motion may be successful only if there are fissures within the ruling camp, along with the dissidence of coalition parties.