Suhaib Ilyasi, Acquitted in Wife's Murder Case, Plans to Relaunch 'India's Most Wanted' Along With Daughter as Co-Host
Suhaib Ilyasi Acquitted (Image credit: IANS)

New Delhi, October 9: Suhaib Ilyasi who recently got acquitted by Delhi High Court in wife's murder case is readying to relaunch his show, ‘India’s Most Wanted’, along with his daughter Aaliya, who will the co-host. According to a Times of India report, Ilyasi said that the show was never out of his thoughts for all these years, he wanted to do it, but “what stopped me were the allegations against me. I was facing a case, and could not point fingers at criminals with the same conviction and confidence.” Suhaib Ilyasi Acquitted by Delhi High Court in Wife's Murder Case.

Further quoted in the report, he said, “I did my ‘research’ in jail,” he says. “All the shows at present are aired for money, but ours will be a mission. We will incorporate new technology and social media.” He plans to launch the serial in a news channel, and not on a general entertainment channel because “crime, like cricket and cinema, never fails to grab attention.”

The Delhi High Court has acquitted Suhaib Ilyasi in the 18-year-old case of killing his first wife, Anju. Earlier, the Delhi High Court on August 17, had reserved its verdict on former TV anchor and producer Suhaib Ilyasi's appeal against his conviction and life imprisonment for killing his first wife, Anju, 18 years ago.

Ilyasi, who was taken into custody on December 16 last year after his conviction, has contended in his plea that after framing of additional charge under section 302 for the offence of murder, he was not given an opportunity to cross-examine all the witnesses.