Perris Aquino is 24 years old and highly passionate about telling the stories of his journey on social media to shift the paradigm of his viewers into a 5th dimensional way of thinking. "All things are connected when we dare to share our stories with the right people, in the right places." - Founder of the 5D Growth Solutions Public Relations Agency.

  Perris developed 5D Solutions with the skills and network he gathered over eight years as a creative professional in the Las Vegas entertainment industry and turned it into a business. In addition,

  "We focus on building your online credibility and helping brands get the authority and attention they need for success. Having the credibility to back up your business instantly improves your ability to close high ticket sales, land higher-paying gigs, and gain access to exclusive opportunities."

 "We work exclusively with professionals who really want to grow their brands to make an impact and leave their mark on the world" 

 Perris himself has faced tremendous struggles in life, from physical ailments such as heart problems and skin diseases to mental challenges like depression and ADHD. These struggles heavily impacted social life as a child, and he barely crossed his high school graduation finish line. "I was on the verge of committing suicide at 17 years old."

 Despite the hardships, he's been able to heal much of the trauma and limiting belief systems that held him back from realizing his potential. "Every day, we can make the conscious choice to change our lives through reprogramming our belief systems."

 He learned about credit and joined a financial independence program called FIA by Jeff Sekinger, which shifted his whole financial paradigm on leveraging OPM to build and scale a business. He is ever grateful to his other mentor Lyann Nguyen aka the Credit Ninja, for guiding him throughout the chaos of the business world. 

 The 5D Growth agency has 20+ years of experience in online marketing and public relations, successfully helping over 300+ clients get featured in major publications like Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Influencive, and more.