Life is tough. People are so consumed with their hectic lifestyle, balancing work and personal life, that one does not get time for themselves let alone have or even think about having sex. Although sex plays an important aspect in a relationship, nowadays couples are so tired that the moment you reach home from work you just want to crash because sleep is important too. But do not let fatigue come in the way of your enjoyment. This article is for all the couples who want to have sex but not put in too much effort or make it strenuous. Rekindle the intimacy with these easy sex positions that are ideal for tired couples. Best Sex Position for Men With Small Penis: ‘X Marks the Spot’ is Ideal to Satisfy Your Partner.

Marriage, followed by children, work and other daily chores can often affect your sex drive. There are numerous factors that overpower one’s mind than to think about sex. No matter how hard you try to balance things out, after a point couples get too complacent to spend time with each other. Sex is important to sustain the relationship both emotionally and physically. And it is that time of the month, where cosy blankets become your best friend. It is the perfect season to get intimate with your partner and you can enjoy sleeping and having sex simultaneously. Read on to know more about sex positions that are suitable for tired couples. Going Without Sex For Days Cause Early Death? What Are The Side Effects of Sex Deprivation.

Best Sex Positions for Tired Couples

1 Spooning: This is one of the easiest and intimate positions. Let your guy position himself from behind and get the angle right. You can move slowly or fast at your own pace. Perfect for a good snuggle.

2 Shower Sex: This ritual can be done either before going to bed or the morning after you both get up. You are going to shower anyway so why not make it erotic. Perhaps you may also feel rejuvenated after the shower to have a mind-blowing sex in the bedroom.

3 Side-by-Side: Lie on your sides, facing each other. Lift your top leg and let your partner enter you. Lower your leg and press your butt closer to his crotch. This way you can relax as it is a super comfy position and grind away.

4 Lotus Sex: Have your partner sit straight up with their legs crossed or stretched out. Straddle your partner and wrap your legs around their body. This position is great for lazy sex and grinding too can feel great. The ‘Lotus’ is the Latest Hit Sex Position Among the Couples, Here’s Why it Makes the Ideal Intimate Position.

5 Side 69: This is better than the traditional 69. Lay on your sides facing each other but with opposite head-to-toe position. You can enjoy this oral sex with minimum efforts unlike the traditional 69 where you will have to focus on balancing so that you don’t trip over.

Sex and sleep are one of the best parts of life. But you do not need to cut off from one to enjoy the other. These lazy sex positions can help your spruce your sex life. So this winter, add spice to your sex life and spend time with your partner while also enjoying a good sex.

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