Going Without Sex For Days Cause Early Death? What Are The Side Effects of Sex Deprivation
What are the side effects of going without sex for a long time? Photo Credit: File Photo

Sex deprivation aka lack of sex in life may seem like a worrisome issue for a few people but is it really that much of a harm to health? Does sex deprivation lead to health issues or a shorter lifespan? Are the effects of sex starvation physical or psychological? Sex deprivation and its effects on hormones and overall health have always been quite a debatable topic because many people believe that not orgasming for a long time can cause a lot of health problems.

Recently, the phrase 'days without sex' turned into a meme and you won't believe how hilariously people have explained their sex deprivation phase. However, on a serious note, various studies have researched the effects of sex deprivation and have laid down these aspects:

Can Sex Deprivation Reduce Your Lifespan?

According to a research found in the Journal of the American Medical Association done at the Tufts University and the Havard School of Public Health in Boston found out that the risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality rate related to it is decreased due to regular physical activity. This has been linked to sex deprivation as well because lack of sex means a lack of physical activity, it is very well known fact that sex does help burn a lot of calories and is a good form of physical exercise. The study studied the association between sexual and episodic physical activity and cardiac health and found that there was a strong association between the two.

In conclusion, the research said that the there was a decreased risk of cardiac arrest by 30 per cent and a heart attack by 40 per cent among the people who had sex.

However, no study proves that being sex deprived is directly linked to death or cardiac arrest or heart attack. Having sex only helps make your sedentary lifestyle a bit active that in turn helps your overall health.

Can Lack of Sex Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

A study done on 900 men in their 50s, 60s for a period of five years in the year 2008 concluded that the men who reported that they had sexual intercourse once a week, reduced their risk of developing Erectile Dysfunction by 50 per cent in comparison to people who reported they had less sex than once a week. The study showed regular sexual activity protected potency. The study was found in the American Journal of Medicine.

Lack of Sex in Women and Its Effects on Overall Health

A sexually aroused healthy vagina self-lubricates the vagina, and the vulva engorges which benefits the women because as the muscles of the vagina begins to relax, and vagina is self-lubricated the blood flow in the pelvic area is increased. This helps improve the overall health of the pelvic area and is more like an exercise for that area. Sex also helps release endorphins-the happy hormones in your body which helps relax your mind and make you less stressed- this, however, applies to both men and women. You might want to read Depressed Vagina: Beware! Your Vaginal Wall Could Be Thinning Because of Not Having SEX

Can Masturbation Substitute Sex?

This isn't a red flag for people who aren't receiving sex. Sex doesn't directly contribute to your overall health; it may just be a component that helps build a healthier life. And if you cannot have sex, masturbation is always an option. Orgasm due to masturbation helps in a similar way it does by sex. However, having sex helps you psychologically, makes you happier and content.

Everything said and done, sex may not directly impact your life or death but it may help you lose weight. Yes! It is a complete cardio workout, and what better way to workout than to have sex, right? Let us know your views on this or if you want to share anything related to sex and overall health. Express your views in the comments section below.