Chemical Castration to Be Carried out on First 2,000 Convicted Pedophiles of Kazakhstan
Chemical Castration to Be Carried out on First 2,000 Convicted Pedophiles of Kazakhstan Penis (Picture Courtesy: Pexels) (For representational purposes only)

Punishment for rapists, molesters and paedophiles have always been a controversial topic all around the world. These crimes are so intense that jail or death sentences cannot justify them. It is essential that the offender learns a lesson and that other females and children are protected from them. A large population thinks castration could be a solution. This form of punishment hasn't been wholly accepted yet despite so many people wanting it. However, Kazakhstan is all set to initiate this punishment for some of the country’s convicted paedophiles. Gangrape Accused Paraded Publicly in Bhopal: Watch Video of 'Name & Shame Punishment' by MP Police.

Yes! They have planned to punish them with chemical castration. Media reports have it that an unidentified sex offender from the Turkestan region will be the first offender to receive a chemical castration. However, it is also said that this process of castration will be administered under the supervision of Kazakhstan’s health ministry. Reports by Newsweek has it that the castration will be carried out inside the regional psychoneurological clinics and have been sanctioned by their Health ministry. New York-Based Woman Shares Scary Videos of Her Alleged Stalker Who Followed Her Home; Warns Netizens in a Series of Tweets.

What is Chemical Castration?

The use of a chemical to lower the offender's libido or sex drive is called Chemical Castration. Just like the surgical castration involves removal of the male genitalia so that the offender is unable to commit sexual crimes any further. The procedure of chemical castration consists in injecting a one-time syringe loaded with the drug Cyproterone which is a steroidal anti-androgen drug. Normally developed to fight cancer, this drug reduces the urge of the sex offender to have sex.

While the punishment of sexual offences like rapes, molestation etc. has been a long debated topic, the reality is most countries treat sexual assaults as any other form of crime. What do you this about this form of punishment for sex offenders?