New York-Based Woman Shares Scary Videos of Her Alleged Stalker Who Followed Her Home; Warns Netizens in a Series of Tweets
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Stalking can happen to anyone. The scary phenomenon can take many different forms—a co-worker that begins to appear wherever you go, a stranger who would follow you at the dark hour, a person who sends you threatening emails and many more. The cases are absolutely chilling. A recent incident which is now a viral Twitter thread of a woman who shared her terrifying story of someone who tried to follow her shows how real and scary these situations are. With a series of Tweets along with the surveillance videos of the man who follows her to her apartment building, the New York-based from The Bronx warns the netizens, especially her fellow women, who might live in the same area. Stalking on WhatsApp: Here's How GIF Image or Multimedia Link From Unknown Number Can Trace You! How To Identify a Fake Link?

The incident happened to 30-year-old Alexa, past Saturday, September 22, when she was going to her University Heights apartment building. Before she shared the videos, Alexa clarified tweeting that she is “not doing this for attention/sympathy, but rather to warn the public, especially my fellow women, who may live in the area or know some1 who does.” Stalker Stabs Woman More Than 38 Times After Stalking Her For Last Six Months. 

Alexa begins her thread.

“I’ll also take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of drivers waiting for their passengers to arrive at their front door safely before driving off. In this case, mine didn’t,” wrote Alexa. After exiting from an Uber at 3:50 am, Alexa entered her building lobby, where she experienced a strange feeling.

Something was alerting her that she was not alone.

The footage from the building’s surveillance camera later confirmed her that she was not alone who walked behind her moments later. “I did not see or hear him,” wrote the 30-year-old. Alexa was still in the lobby, when she saw a reflection of something outside the front door. “It looked like a shadow. I approach to see who/what it is and as I get closer I realize I couldn’t see a face.” She quickly made sure that the door was locked, when she saw a man with his face covered on the other side. In her thread, she shared footage of both, from the lobby where she was and the front door where the man was. It is terrifying.

Surveillance video of Alexa from inside the lobby.

Surveillance video of Alexa entering her building with the keys and the man coming behind.

“He most likely doesn’t follow me inside because he intended to attack me before I entrd my building or he was watching for me to go upstairs so that he could run up behind me and/or force himself into my apartment.” wrote Alexa. The moment she realised that something was wrong, she quickly returned to the door to shut it completely.

In her later tweets, she revealed once the man left the building entryway, Alexa went to the second floor and immediately dialled 911 to report the incident. The New Yorker further described the man “about 6’3 and 220 lbs” who wore a scarf covering most of his face to warn other Bronx area women.

“Since Saturday night I keep replaying the incident over and over, thinking of the many factors that could’ve caused a different outcome. As women we always worry about falling victim to situations like these, but I let my guard down because I was home. I just thank God and his angels, my angel, for being with me that night,” wrote Alexa. Thousands of people retweeted Alexa’s story while many have sent messages of support and similar scary events.