Crazy Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Having Sex!
What happens to your body when you stop having sex? (Photo Credits: The Noun Project and File Photo)

As we all know, sex has a lot of health benefits. Having sex or even masturbation works like a wonder drug for a host of health problems. Not only is sex known to help deal with hypertension, people who have sex often enjoy a lot of benefits such as. Right from the improved immune system and better bladder control to increase in calories burned, healthier heart and better sleep, sex has a lot of health benefits. But what happens to your body after you stop having sex? This is one questions that have been lurking around since people started having sex. Well, turns out, your body does undergo a number of changes once you stop having sex. Here are a few:

Anxiety, Stress And Mental Health

Sex also plays an important role in your life psychologically. Once you stop having sex with your partner, you become more prone to stress and anxiety. Sex is known to release feel-good hormones like dopamine and oxytocin. No sex with your partner makes you feel less connected to them and therefore you do not destress yourself from time to time. Performing Oral Sex on a Woman is ‘Nutritious’ Thanks to Good Bacteria in the Vagina, And it’s Science-Backed!


Research has shown that people who have sex often are better at recalling memories. And people who do not have sex ample amount of time, do not have a strong memory. Studies believe that sex can help your brain grow neurons and work better.

Immune System

Studies have it that regular sex can help your body fight off illness and boosts the immune system. Illnesses like cold and cough occur less in people who have sex often. Study says that having sex one to two times per week were shown to have higher levels of a certain antibody that boosts the immune system.

Hampered Relationship

If you are in a relationship where you have stopped having sex, you could be hampering it, unknowingly. Not only does it brings you emotionally closer to your partner, but it also improves communication. In fact, couples who have sex more often are known to be happier than those who get less of it.

Some studies also believe that women may have their vaginal tissues thinning becoming more prone to injury, tear, or even bleed during sex.