Sex Lowers Your Blood Pressure Just Like BP Medicines Do; What Other Health Benefits Does Sex Have?
Sex (Photo Credits: File Image)

As if you needed any more motivation to have more sex, along comes a study. Researchers from Georgia State University have found a link between regular sex and reduced blood pressure. The study has, in fact, claimed that it could work as well as blood pressure medications. Volunteers who enrolled for the study were found to have their blood pressure reduced by 13 percent the day after they had sex. Researchers concluded that the effect was similar to taking diuretics, which lower the blood pressure by reducing water retention. The results of the study were published in the journal Sexual Medicine.

Sex is considered a stress buster due to the release of endorphins that relaxes the body. It works like aerobics when it comes to lowering blood pressure. Orgasms are also responsible for flooding your body with oxytocin, the neurotransmitter responsible for boosting love-like feelings and bonding. Oxytocin has a direct impact on the blood pressure of women. The researchers believe that these factors play a big role in reducing hypertension. What Are The Side Effects of Sex Deprivation?

The subjects enrolled for the study were asked to have sex while wearing a heart monitor. They also rated the intensity of their orgasms from 66 to 106. The ones who had an average systolic blood pressure of 115mmHg, in the beginning, found that their pressure decreased by 17mmHg.

The Other Health Benefits of Sex

Sex is a magical wonder drug for a host of health problems, not just hypertension. People who have sex often enjoy a lot of benefits such as:

Improved immune system: Those who have regular sex are known to have more antibodies in their blood than those who don’t. This helps the body ward off a larger number of pathogens and keep you safe from infections. Sex Tip of The Week: Create Sexual Tension Before You Do It.

Better bladder control: Sex strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. Regular sessions in the sack can strengthen these muscles, giving you better control over your bladder functions. Those who have sex regularly have a lesser chance of suffering from incontinence in their later life.

More calories burnt: Sex ups your heart rate, burning more calories in the process. Although it’s not comparable to an hour on the treadmill, sex does you a lot more good than just lying on the couch, watching TV.

Healthier heart: For the same reason, sex also works well for your heart. It keeps the oestrogen and testosterone levels in balance, reducing chances of heart attacks.

Better sleep: Have you wondered why you always sleep like a baby after sex? The relaxing effects of sex help you get a good shut-eye when stress has been keeping you up.

There you have it. Sex has a laundry list of benefits, which can ensure happier and longer lives. Going without sex also has a lot of undesirable side effects like erectile dysfunction and reduced life span. So turn down those lights and get under those sheets. If not for anything, do it for your health!