Grey hair is ironically a dark truth that every ageing person deals with. And not just ageing people, sometimes young men and women also suffer from greying of hair for different causes. The phenomenon makes people look for different home remedies to get rid of grey hair and one of them is plucking out the grey strands of hair. But, does plucking grey hair, causes an increase in the number of grey hair by making even the black ones lose their colour? Well, that how a popular opinion goes! But how true is it? Let's discuss it. But before that, how does one get grey hair? Melanocytes present at the base of the hair causes it to turn grey. Once the cells at the hair base stop producing the pigment responsible for giving our hair its colour, you end up having grey hair. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also cause greying of hair. Premature greying of hair is usually caused when you lack Vitamin B12. In some cases, premature greying occurs if there's a deficiency of Vitamin B12. Methi Seeds for Hair: How Fenugreek Seeds Can Prevent Hair Loss, Dandruff And Promote Thick Hair Growth.

Does Plucking Grey Hair Make More Grow Back?

The answer to this question is NO. The greying of one hair strand completely depends on its follicle and has absolutely no effect on the neighbouring hair follicle. But when you pluck a strand of grey hair, it may not be the permanent solution you are looking for. If the follicle underneath is alive it will regrow another hair to replace the one that has been plucked and that will be a grey hair as well. It is not advised to pluck your hair consistently. The more you pull the grey hair out, the more you damage your hair follicle. A damaged hair follicle may make you lose the ability to grow hair at all.

Busting Myth About Plucking Grey Hair [Watch Video]:

There are many ways you could get rid of grey hair. One of them is to colour your hair in your favourite shade. However, if you want to refrain from the toxins that hair colours are laden with, let your grey hair be. Complete grey hair looks great as well.

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