Falling in Your Dreams Meaning: Here's What Your Subconscious Mind is Trying To Tell You
Falling in dreams meaning (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Do you ever wake up startled from your sleep because you thought you were falling? Do you feel the jerk reaction and suddenly wake up, but then realise it was just a dream? Well, don't worry, you are not alone. Falling in dreams is a very common experience that has been encountered by many people. But what does it mean? There are different interpretations of dreams and in this article, we will explore into what falling in your dreams means. What Are Dreams and Why Do We Dream? Here’s the Science Behind Activity of Brain When You Are Asleep.

First things first, do not believe that you are going to die if you see yourself falling in your dream. But it is an indication of some fear that is harbouring on your subconscious mind. It could be just anticipation of what could happen at the end of any decision that you're about to take. Psychologist Ian Wallace, who specialises in dreams and has written the book "The Top 100 Dreams" mentions that falling is an indicator of holding on too tight to a particular situation in life. It is an indication that you need to let it go.

Falling could also have different aspects like falling from the sky, into the water, losing balance, falling from a height or just tripping over. But irrespective of that, dream interpreters agree that if your falling never ends and you wake up before it then it indicates your helplessness. Sweet Dreams Much? From False Awakenings to Nightmares And More, Here Are 6 Types of Dreams You Should Know Of.

Falling is also an indication of insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties. It reflects the way you are feeling in your relationship, be it personal or at work. It is more or less like, you do not have control or have nothing to hold on to. According to an analysis website, it could also mean a fear of losing your job, your partner, your house, your social status, etc. It thus casts a feeling of low self-esteem in a person and you always put yourself at a lower level than others around you.

So these are some of the things the subconscious mind is trying to tell you and one needs to take on these clues and bring in the changes into their life.