New Delhi, March 7: Two-time Olympic medallist P V Sindhu has been named the goodwill ambassador for this year's 'Earth Hour India', an 18-year-old movement that seeks to raise awareness for environmental issues. Earth Day will be celebrated on March 23. "I am joining WWF-India's Earth Hour by making strides towards a more sustainable lifestyle and spending more time in nature," Sindhu said in a statement. Earth Hour Day 2024 Date, Theme, History and Significance: Know About the Global Initiative To Switch Off Lights, Raising Awareness of Environmental Issues

"I am giving an hour for Earth by stepping out of the gym and working out in nature once a week. Join me this Earth Hour to create a more hopeful and resilient future by doing something positive for the planet. Let's make this the Biggest Hour for Earth," she added. Earth Hour 2024 in Telangana: Earth Hour To Be Observed on March 23 by Switching Off Power in Government Offices, Officials Review Preparations


"Every year, on Earth Hour, people worldwide voluntarily switch off non-essential lights for one hour. "It is a movement that has continued to inspire and mobilise people globally, reminding us of our collective responsibility to create a more hopeful and resilient future for our planet," he said.