Ganeshotsav 2018 Pandals: Follow These Simple Tips to Stay Safe in Crowded Places During Pandal Hopping
Be careful in crowds during Ganpati Darshan (Photo credits: Facebook/Mumbai Ganpati Darshan)

The festival of Ganeshotsav will begin on September 13 and the enthusiasm has already kicked in among the people. A lot of people celebrate at their home by bringing in the Ganpati idol. Those who don't, make it a point to visit Ganpati Pandals for the festivities. Over the years, the celebrations have only increased and people make it a point to visit all the famous as well as the not so famous Sarvajanik Ganpati pandals. The big pandals do have a lot of people coming, surpassing thousands and lakhs. And it is unfortunate to state, that among all the people gathering here, there are a few who have intentions far from religious. The cases of thefts and molestations have becomes quite common in these highly crowd places. Staying alert is a must. Ganeshotsav 2018 in Pune: Know About 5 Manache Ganpati Pandals You Must Pay a Visit To.

With people engrossed in making their way towards Ganpati darshan, it serves as a good chance for thieves to steal the valuables. Cellphones, wallets, purses, bags are often snatched and because of the crowd, it is difficult to even find them. Pickpocketers take advantage of the massive crowd and have a field day. So although you may be clueless about where the thief went, they are smart enough to escape from the crowd without anyone even doubting. Also if you are health conscious please be extra careful about what you eat, drink while you are out. Ganeshotsav 2018 Greetings: Best WhatsApp Messages, GIF Images, Facebook Status & SMS to Wish Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. 

Here are some safety tips one should follow while going to crowd places:

  • Do not keep your important credit cards, ATM or debit cards in your wallet.
  • If you are carrying a big bag, keep it on the front and keep your wallet/purse inside the big bag.
  • Ladies, try and avoid carrying handbags as they are easier to flick from.
  • Keep some cash in your jeans pocket and some loose cash in your bag.
  • Make sure your cellphones have an application lock along with a tracker system.
  • Keep your phones in the front pocket and keep your pocket covered with your hand at most times.
  • Avoid taking your phone out over and over again, or clicking pictures or selfies. Thieves may be observing where you keep your mobile phone.
  • If you are susceptible to gastric diseases, ask for the dry Prasad from the pandal.
  • Carry your own water bottle. A lot of time people do offer water and juices near the common Ganpati pandals, but it need not be safe always. Avoid consuming any kind of juice, lemonade or even water from a stranger.
  • It is a celebratory occasion but, avoid wearing heavy jewellery which can attract pickpocketers, chain snatchers etc.
  • Raise an alarm if you feel harassed or groped by someone. Make sure you inform others. Females be extra careful.
  • Choose a time when there will be relatively less crowd. Ganeshotsav attracts crowds at all times, but still figure out a time when there will fewer visitors.
  • Just travel light. Do not carry a lot of expensive stuff, especially when you know there would be a big crowd.

These are some of the precautions that you must keep in mind whenever you visit a crowded place. The most important thing is to stay alert. Keep looking around and observing rather than being completely engrossed in talking or on your phone. The less attentive you are, the easier you become a target of the thieves. If you find anyone suspicious around the area, find someone reliable from the authorities and bring it to their notice. You can take care of your own body and thus avoid anything, especially fast food items. Be safe guys and have a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!