Passover 2021 is an upcoming Jewish holiday observed for seven to eight days. The festival marks the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egyptian slavery when God ‘passed over,’ the houses of the Israelites during the last of the ten plagues. Passover, called Pesach in Hebrew, is a major Jewish holiday. This year, the festival starts in the evening of March 27 and ends on the evening of April 4. There can sometimes occur confusion as to how you should send holiday greetings. Especially during traditional festivals. So, how to wish on Passover 2021? If you are stressing about how to wish your friends, colleagues, or loved ones a Happy Passover, look no further, as we have you covered. You can send holiday greetings in Hebrew and Yiddish to celebrate the Jewish festival of Passover.

How to Wish Passover in Hebrew?

There are several ways to send Passover greetings, depending on the language you prefer. If you would like to share wishes in English, ‘Happy Passover’ is a perfectly acceptable greeting. In case you want to keep the home kosher for Passover, you can wish someone a “kosher and joyous Passover,” as per Again, to wish someone Happy Passover in Hebrew, you can say, “chag sameach,” which translates to “happy festival,” or “happy holidays.” To make the Passover greeting specific, add “Pesach,” (Hebrew to Passover) in the middle of the phrase and wish “Chag Pesach Sameach.” To wish someone a “kosher and joyous Passover,” in Hebrew, you can say, “chag Pesach kasher vesame’ach.”

How to Wish Passover 2021 in Yiddish?

Yiddish is a High German-derived language historically spoken by Ashkenazi Jews. In Yiddish, you can send a Passover greeting as “a koshern un freilichen Pesach.”

Now that you know how to traditionally wish Happy Passover in Hebrew and Yiddish, you ahead and share your warm greetings on the Jewish festival!

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