International Day of Peace: The World Turned More Negative And This is Why We Need More Peace
International Day of Peace (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Days before the International Day of Peace, which is celebrated on September 21, Gallup's Negative Experience Index results showed the world turned more hateful in 2017. According to the study, nearly four in 10 people experienced a lot of worry or stress in the year gone by. At least one in five experienced sadness or anger. Central African Republic appeared as the most negative country in the world, the Gallup study said.

The world peace has been under threat due to terrorism, religious conflicts, nuclear arms race and attempts by different countries to secure monopoly over others. The social media has exposed the hateful and ruthless demon deep inside all of us. At the same time, the nuclear tests conducted by North Korea are grave reminders of how close we may be to nuclear catastrophe. Civil war in Syria could soon become the cause for the third world war. International Day of Peace: From Narendra Modi to Priyanka Chopra, List of Indians Who Are Peacemakers.

Almost every country in this world shares one or multiple border disputes with neighbours. Conflicts between religious groups and secterian divides within the religion have been a cause of concern. In such a terrible time, the Gallup report on rising emotion of hate among people is a grave reminder of how close we may be to a full-blown war. Needless to say, the ongoing conflicts have claimed millions of lives so far.

Peace and communal and regional harmony must be the top priority for everyone, at an individual as well as at global level. The world is broken and divided. The world needs peace, love, hope unity and kindness more than anything. The world needs inclusiveness where everyone's rights and freedom are respected rather than extremism and cyber bullying.