International Free Hugs Day 2019: You Need a BIG Hug! 5 Health Benefits of Hugging It Out
Health benefits of hugs (Photo Credits: File Image)

Who needs a hug right now? We all do! A warm hug can set a lot of things right. It makes you feel comforted, valued and loved, especially when you feel low. The word “hug” is taken from the Saxon and Teutonic words “hog” or “hagen.” They mean “to embrace.” Hugging is one of the earliest forms of greetings and recognition among humans. It’s also an important part of a child’s emotional upbringing. This July 6 happens to be International Free Hugs Day 2019. Which means, you don’t need a reason to give someone you love a big ol bear hug. If you are not a fan of hugs, here are 5 reasons that will make you change your mind. From lowering stress to beating anxiety, these are the health benefits of hugs.

1. Lower stress levels and blood pressure

Hugging increases levels of oxytocin also known as the “love or trust hormone”, which is beneficial for reducing stress levels. It also keeps heart health in perfect condition. According to studies, it has been found that a hug of 20 seconds along with 10 minutes of hand-holding has the immense power of lessening the negative thoughts and harmful physical effects of stress. Hug Day 2019 Date in Valentine Week: Significance of This Romantic Day That Brings Lovers Closer!

2. Boost the Immune System

Science has backed the study claiming a 10-second long hug a day is powerful enough to fight infections, boost your immune system, ease depression and lessen fatigue. Could a Hug a Day Keep Infection Away?” by Dr Mercola explains why hugs are the “Holy Grail” of touch that has the power to heal and prepare the body to fight harmful viruses. Promise Day 2019: Gifts You Can Give to Your SO Apart From Vows of Love on the 5th Day of Valentine Week.

3. Beat anxiety

Maintaining a perfect work-life balance has become a tedious task among couples, and it is important for them to understand the power of hugs. Yes, give each other a hug before leaving for work and again upon return. It is time to see the difference a simple hug can bring in your stressful lives. Carnegie Mellon psychologist Sheldon Cohen in the study found that hugs can lower anxiety and act as a stress-reliever.

4. Elevate your mood and relaxes the body

It is a no-brainer how much of goodness hugging fills you with. Bury your face in his chest, wrap around your arms around as he does around your wait. Hear your partner’s heartbeat as his chin touches your head. Hugging seems to be a solution to all our life problems (provided you have that someone special).

5. Help you bond and trust

Having trust issues? However naïve it may appear at first but try hugging that person. Yes, of course, one does not hug someone if they do not have trust for each other. Well, it is for these moments when a simple act of wrapping your arms around will help you form a bond. It also helps in better understanding as well as resolves trust issues. Give it a shot!

American author and psychotherapist Virginia Satir had famously once said, "We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth." In the fast-paced world, we will need small actions to maintain our sanity. Amid the scary high levels of stress at work or in personal lives, it is much important to understand the power of simple acts, which will eventually be the reason for our happiness.