Lunar Eclipse 2018: Badrinath and Kedarnath Temples to Remain Closed on 27th-28th July Due to Chandra Grahan
Kedarnath Shrine (Photo credit: PTI/File)

July 27 will see a spectacular event of the longest lunar eclipse of the century in the night sky. While all the enthusiasts would be gearing up for the rare event, the superstitions surrounding the phenomenon remain. Several temples in the country will remain closed during the time of the lunar eclipse. Among them, Badrinath temple and Kedarnath temple in the Himalayan range will also be closed. Kedarnath Temple Opens For Devotees! High-Tech Lord Shiva Laser Show to Greet Pilgrims.

The PRO of the temple committee, Dr. Harish Gaud mentioned that temples will be shut from Friday afternoon. The Kedarnath temple will be closed from 2.54 pm in the afternoon until Saturday and Badrinath temple will remain shut from 12.30 pm onwards. Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 2018: When and Where to Watch the Celestial Event on July 27

The temples will reopen on Saturday at the regular time for regular darshan and puja offerings. The lunar eclipse on July 27 will be the longest one lasting for close to 2 hours. The initial phase of the eclipse will begin from 11.54 pm and the total lunar eclipse will take place at 1 am July 28. The eclipse will end at 2.43 pm. The moon will also take a shade of red thus the phenomenon is also called the Blood Moon. There are several myths and superstitions associated with the lunar eclipse. It has a lot of negatives attached to it, thus some temples are also going to remain closed.