Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 2018: From No Sex to Getting Pregnant, Here Are Some Weird Superstitions Associated With Lunar Eclipses
Lunar eclipse Representational Image (Photo credits: Pixabay, ChristyMiller)

Those interested in the celestial occurring would be already aware of the total lunar eclipse taking place on July 27, 2018. The longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century will last for 1 hour 43 minutes and can be witnessed from most parts of the world. The total lunar eclipse also sees the moon taking a shade of red, thus called the Blood Moon. While a lunar eclipse occurrence is not a rare one, the perceptions surrounding it differ world over. For years together, people around the world, from different cultural backgrounds have been believing in some things related to lunar eclipse. There are many superstitions surrounding the celestial event.

Look at some of the superstitions surrounding Lunar Eclipse:

  • Eskimos always turn their utensils upside down during the time of a lunar eclipse. There's a belief that if they do not do so, they will get a disease by the ray of sunlight or moonlight.
  • There are several myths related to pregnancy and lunar eclipse. Some superstitions say that expectant women should not touch their belly during the lunar eclipse, or it will bring a birthmark on the child.
  • One of the folklore states that women should avoid staring at the eclipsed moon for a long time as they may get pregnant.
  • A medieval age tale states that sex during lunar eclipse should be avoided as it will cause in a demonish child. Europeans from the Middle Ages have a belief that children conceived at the time of a lunar eclipse would bring evil to the family.
  • One superstition says that if you get injured during the lunar eclipse then the wound will not stop bleeding. The wound will leave a big mark after it stops bleeding.
  • According to a South African myth, the lunar eclipse is a fight between the Sun and the Moon. So people have to pray for their fight to get resolved.
  • The lunar eclipse is more or less considered a bad omen and one that will attract the evil forces. In Thailand, there is a tradition to bang pots together along with fireworks to shoo away the spirits. The disappearance of the sun or the moon is believed to be done by the evil spirits.
  • In India, there is a popular superstition to avoid eating during the lunar eclipse. It is said that cooking and drinking during the lunar eclipse will spoil the food.

These are some of the many superstitions that are believed by people around the world. And as we see, they range from food to pregnancy. Do you know of any other superstitions followed during the lunar eclipse? Do let us know.