Pants are not merely a garment or a piece of clothing; they have served their purposes through the years and have been worn for fashion, warmth, labour work and in different textures ranging from denim to cotton. Over time pants have become s symbol of societal norms of dos and don’ts. National No Pants Day is celebrated annually in the US to free yourself from the restraints of pants. Everything you need to know about National No Pants Day 2022, from date and history to significance and celebration. May 2022 Holidays Calendar With Major Festivals & Events.

Date of National No Pants Day 2022

National No Pants Day was first observed in the early 1980s in a college in Austin, Texas. The occasion is celebrated on the first Friday of May every year. National No Pants Day 2022 will be celebrated on May 6.

History And Significance

National No Pants Day is an unofficial participatory event that spread in other countries after In the early 1980s, at the University Of Texas, Austin, a group called the Knighthood Of Bruh decided to pull a prank to commemorate the last day of the semester and wanted freedom from the conforms and constraints of society. What started as a college prank slowly gained popularity in the 2000s, in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia willing to participate.

National No Pants Day also encourages the idea of being comfortable in one’s own body and not abiding by unnecessary societal norms just for fear of judgement. This day celebrates the free spirit and comfort you feel with no pants on. People can wear whatever they like apart from pants on this day, be it skirts, shorts or even underwear.

This holiday is often confused with No Pants Subway Ride day, which was started by a comedy improv group and is usually celebrated in January. The day came about when the group tried an experiment to see the passengers would react to seeing them pantless in chilly January weather. And Since 2002, the comedy improv group Comedy Everywhere has announced the date of the unforgettable day every year.

Celebrations of National No Pants Day

National No Pants Day is elementary to celebrate, and people choose to wear different kinds of bottom wear and essentially anything but pants. One can even wear underwear, and no one would judge you for it on National No Pants Day.

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