Nowruz 2018: Know Why India and Pakistan Celebrate Parsi New Year in August and Not in March
Parsi New Year (Photo Credits: Boman Irani Twitter)

The Parsi community in India will celebrate Nowruz on August 17 this year. Also known as Parsi New Year, the Zoroastrian religious community celebrates the first day of the spring. The day before Nowruz is called Pateti on which Parsis repent for their sins and ask for forgiveness. They believe in a fresh start on the first day of the New Year. The Parsi community has elaborate festivities and meets friends and family on this day. While India and Pakistan celebrate Parsi New Year in August every year, Iran and many other countries observe the day in March.

Here's why India and Pakistan celebrate the Parsi New Year in July-August while other countries observe the day in March-April:

People in India and Pakistan follow the Shahenshai calendar, while in other countries, the Iranian calendar is followed. As the Shahenshai calendar does not take leap years into account, Parsi New Year is celebrated in India and Pakistan about 200 days after it falls in rest of the countries of the world. Hence the date falls between July and August in India. The festival is named after the Persian king Jamshed who began the use of the Parsi calendar. Hence the day is also called as Jamshed-i-Nouroz. Nowruz 2018: Quotes, GIF Images, SMSes, WhatsApp Messages & Facebook Status to Send New Year Greetings

The Parsis or the Persians in India and Pakistan also include Iranis who migrated to the then Gujarat region, which is now in Pakistan. The community shifted after Islamic armies invaded them in the seventh century. Parsi New Year 2018: Date, History, Significance and Celebrations of Pateti & Nowruz

Parsi New Year is celebrated with much pomp and fervour just like any other festival in India. Zoroastrians make rangolis outside their houses, cook delicious food, meet relatives and offer special prayers at Agyari (Fire temple) among other things on this day. Some believers also donate to charity and help people in need. They wish each other peace, harmony, health, wealth and prosperity. We wish everyone celebrating Nowruz a very Happy New Year!