It takes a special, thoughtful and amount of great courage to be a teacher! Teaching job is no easy, and with the ongoing global crisis, their effort only got doubled. From updating students with the curriculum to ensuring their mental health is at par, teachers are doing it all, keeping students as their first priority. We cannot thank them enough for everything they do, and a week-long celebration to appreciate teachers seem too less. But we can do our bit to make them a little extra special during this week. As the US celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week 2021, here are few gift ideas to shower your gratitude towards educators virtually. The week-long celebration offers a unique opportunity for everyone to say thank you to the special teacher in their life. So, let’s check out the presents that are useful and thoughtful to your teachers.

1. Classroom Essentials: Now that studies have gone online majorly, there are essentials that teachers are always in need of, whether on a face-to-face class or zoom class. Coloured pencils, notebook, a sophisticated pen, erasers, highlighters, dry erase, and more—make a small pack of these essentials and get it delivered to your teacher’s doorstep. Don’t forget to add a thank you note!

2. Air Plant: A tine, easy to grow plant that does need soil, and absorbs its nutrients and water from the air. Besides, they are absolutely low maintenance and a busy teacher does not have to worry about watering or caring much for it. This plant usually comes in a natural wooden planter, but you can customise it too.

3. Wireless Desk Organiser: Now that things are virtual, teachers will appreciate a desk organiser. Too many wires—from phone charger to laptop wires, and earphones (if not wireless), a desk organiser holding up all of it, will ease the stress.

4. COVID Essentials: It may not seem an ideal Teacher’s Week present, but they are a necessity right now. However, try to figure out casually, what all your teacher is out of at the moment, so that you can plan accordingly.

5. Something Sweet: No one can ever go wrong by giving the teacher something sweet! Everyone loves a sweet treat. After a long hard day in class, your teacher will love to indulge in some sweetness. Send her/ him a homemade cookie basket, chocolates, and other sweets to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

6. Handmade Thank You Card: Sharing your gratitude to your teacher is great, but adding your personal touch to the thank you card is precious. When it comes to shower your love, there is hardly a better option than sending a handwritten note. So, add an additional layer of thoughtfulness by creating your thank you card from scratch!

Teachers help shape the minds of our future, and not only a day or week, or month, teachers should be appreciated every single day. Any of the above gifts will bring delight to a teacher in your life.

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