Which Countries Will Enter New Year 2019 First & Last? Know the Names of Nations That Will Ring in NYE Celebrations at Different Time Zones
New year 2019 (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Just one day to go and the enthusiasm to welcome 2019 is seen all over the globe. People reminisce about the year that passed by and look forward to the new year and new beginnings. New Year parties and celebrations are held everywhere to welcome the new year beginning. Depending upon the geographical location, and time zones each country enters the new year at a different time. And while Sydney's fireworks symbolise the start of New Year's festivities to most people, Australia isn't the first country to enter 2019. The first country to enter the New Year are Samoa Islands, Tonga and Kiritimati (Christmas Island). When it will be 3.30 pm in India, these places would have already entered 2019. Almost 9 hours prior to IST. Melbourne & Sydney New Year Eve 2019 Fireworks Live Stream: Watch Free Telecast & Streaming of NYE Celebrations Online From Australia.

The world goes through different time-zones and is divided into a total of 24 time zones. So depending on which country enters the daylight, each part of the world enters the New Year at a specific time. After Samoa Islands, the next in line is New Zealand's Chatham Islands. As time passes, the last place which will welcome 2019 are tiny islands in America called Samoa again. At around 4.30 pm IST, the entire world would have entered the new year. Advance New Year 2019 Wishes: WhatsApp Stickers, Facebook Quotes, GIF Image Messages & SMS to Send the First Happy New Year Greetings.

So while Sydney firecrackers may have been a symbol of oncoming new years, it is actually the 5th region to welcome 2019. After New Zealand, it is Russia, Japan, Korea and China which welcome 2019 in order. After Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar, it will eventually be the Indian subcontinent to welcome the new year. India and Sri Lanka will enter 2019 together.

Each country has its way of celebrating the new year's eve. And it is also interesting to see while someone would still be eagerly awaiting the clock striking midnight 12, others would have finished half a day of the year. And while someone recovers from their hangover, others would be merrymaking to bring in the New year.