Coffee could be the elixir of life, and a late-night cocktail or a glass of wine might be just what you need after a long day. But beer is something else entirely! Lager or stout, it does not matter what your drink of choice is, there is no denying that a chilled beer has given you some of the best moments in life. Sitting in the yard with your best friend, relaxing and sharing a few beers is what we all actually enjoy to drain out all the stress for that very moment. This is why, September 7 is celebrated as National Beer Lover’s Day. The day is marked to celebrate the most famous beverage across the world. As we celebrate National Beer Lover’s Day 2020, here we bring you some of the most significant reasons that make beer the best drink of all. A mood enhancer, a natural sleep aid and many health benefits, beer can be actually good for you. Before we begin, let us clarify that we are talking about moderate consumption and not the type of all-night drinking sprees. So, let us check out seven most remarkable and surprising beer benefits that will encourage you to have a brew tonight!

1. Beer keeps your kidneys healthy. Yes, a Finland study has found that beer had more kidney benefits than any other alcoholic drinks. Each bottle of beer consumption can lower the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%.

2. Beer is a mood enhancer. It makes you happier, beer lovers would know. While you may not have needed science to tell you this one, but research supports that beer can actually make you happier. A chemical in beer is said to work and release happy hormones in your brain. Science-Backed Health Benefits of Beer That Will Surprise You!

3. Beer can boost your levels of Vitamin B. According to a Dutch study, beer-drinkers had 30% higher levels of Vitamin B6 levels in their blood than their non-drinking counterparts. It also contains vitamin B12 and folic acid.

4. Drinking beer can make you live longer. Don’t you believe us? Two different centenarians cited beer as part of what helped them live past 100 years old. Matilda Curcia from San Diego and Doris Olive Netting, revealed in media reports the secret of their long lives—beer a day. Again, Virginia Tech researchers also found that regular and moderate beer drinkers were 19% less likely to die during a given time than people who never touch a drop. Beauty Benefits of Beer For Skin and Hair That Will Amaze You.

5. Beer hydrates you better than water. Yes, you read that, right! Many studies back this claim. Researchers also recommend moderate consumption of beer as part of an athlete’s diet.

6. The first brewers were mostly women, and colonial women ran most of the ancient beer halls and taverns.

7. Beer helps you sleep. Anyone who has stuck around at a party long enough can attest to this one, because there are people passed out everywhere. According to a study, beer contains two sleep-promoting B vitamins and hops itself is a natural sedative. So, the next time you are having trouble dozing off, do not hesitate to knock back a cold beer.

These are a few amazing reasons that make beer the most favourite beverage of all. Beer is delicious and refreshing and in moderation can actually be good for you. So, cheers to that!

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