The sheer will to make it big in life, extensive hard work and being honest to yourself are some of the things that made Giuliano Twich set himself apart from the crowd. Starting out as nothing motivated him to keep pushing until the last stone was turned. Being in the glam and media industry, Giuliano had to constantly reinvent himself to stay consistent with his work. When asked upon what was the secret that made him what he is today, the man had just one thing to say, “Constant Self-Belief that you will make it”.

Born in the Netherlands Giuliano “Twich” Lopes wanted to explore the world beyond and make a mark of him in it. With very less to mediocre opportunities in the Netherlands, the world became the open target for young Lopes.

Embarking the path: Giuliano always had this courage and self-belief within himself that he would make it big in life. This was the major reason as to why Giuliano wanted to know all the trades possible.  Starting from creating, writing and producing his own music to opening his own company, FeriBoyz, Giuliano was full speed ahead to make it big in the artistic world.

Giuliano wanted the world to know him as a unique personality known or his strong creative passion and entrepreneurial spirit. That is the major reason why Giuliano owns multiple businesses and his own Studio named Twich Studio. It is all about expressing art and making money out of it for this young artistic entrepreneur.

What makes Giuliano special?

It is the hunger to prove to everyone that anything is possible, that made the young artist to make a living out of the thing that he loved doing the most. Everyone is aware that you need to be putting in the hard work, get things done, fall, and trust your instincts but Giuliano is a person who did it all. Starting from his own Designer brand, “FeriBoyz” to creating and producing hip-hop music under the Darkside Musik Label, Giuliano is indeed an entrepreneur who is a jack of all trades. Giuliano trusts that the work that you put in, the sweat that you invest in anything will pay off. With more than two successful ventures, Giuliano proved that just to be right.

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The path ahead for Giuliano:

Giuliano says that it is important to visualize your goals. He believes that without goals, human beings look insignificant in this world. With a great presence and audience building up under his music, Giuliano aims to take it worldwide and make sure that every single being on this earth listens to the art that he creates. The artist has greater expansion plans for his music studio as well as his company, “FeriBoyz”. He believes that if you want to live here in the world, you need to leave a legacy behind and that is exactly where this young artist is heading towards.