An oft-neglected ailment in teenagers is poor mental health. This has a negative impact and is detrimental in the teenage years, causing severe damage emotionally and physically. The key to addressing it effectively lies in early recognition, early redressal, and guidance from expert organizations like Casa Pacifica and its’ Camino a Casa program.

Casa Pacifica offers a unique and highly effective program titled Camino a Casa. Camino when translated means the " road home ." This program has evolved over the years to provide the best in clinical expertise for the handling of adolescents and children, with behavioral and emotional issues.

The expert care and guidance offered by Casa Pacifica includes the entire gamut of addressing emotional and behavioral issues through its' team of experts and their clinical expertise. This highly effective program treats both adolescents and children. The unique program that has been chalked out incorporates all the aspects of behavioral health care and caters to the requirements of children and youth who are aged between 9 and 17 years. It also includes the families of these children. The inclusion of families stems from the firm belief that families play a vital role in the mental health process of the youth and children. They provide the bedrock for their interaction and existence since the children and youth are an integral part of every family.

The bouquet of services from Camino a Casa include programs that are further subdivided into - intensive residential treatment, youth counseling services, in-home behavioral services, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and others. Family therapy including visitation, face-to-face contact, and written communication, verbal skills, and so on are also emphasized. Educational services, psych and health services, co-occurring services and specialty services also, form an integral part of the Camino a Casa program,

The versatility and the success of the Camino a Casa program has seen it carving a niche for itself in the mental health and well-being sphere for children and adolescents.

It is time for all of us to understand that mental health in children and the youth deserves a closer look and a deeper understanding. There is no denying its' importance in shaping the teenage years and early adulthood of individuals. It is indeed crucial for the well-being of teenagers and young adults!