Dengue Fever Prevention: 7 Mosquito-Repellent Plants That Will Keep The Insects at Bay
Mint Plant (Pixabay)

We all love monsoons, but unfortunately, a mosquito does too. In this season, it is not uncommon to get swarmed by mosquitoes whenever you walk out the door.  If you have tried everything from citronella oil, bug spray, and mosquito swatters, you certainly know that these buzzing creatures are no small task to handle. However, if you're itching to enjoy morning tea in your balcony without being bit by a million little critters, plants can be the only solution. Plants not only purify the air and look stylish in your garden but they also help fight those relentless mosquitoes. So get your hands on these mosquito-repellent plants.

1 Tulsi or Indian Basil

You must already be having a Tulsi plant growing in your windowsills, porches or your garden - the possibilities are endless. Indian basil not only adds a flavour to your dishes, but it is also an effective mosquito-repellent. If you don't have one already, throw it in a cute pot next to your kitchen in the dry balcony or on your porch and watch the magic happen. Also, follow these expert tips to stay protected from the vector-borne disease this monsoon

2 Mint

Apart from being an excellent garnish to your drinks, mint makes for a phenomenal mosquito repellent. You can also move your mint plant from your windowsill to your kitchen garden, and most importantly, and keep it around for a minty beverage to enjoy without mosquitoes. Your guests will enjoy your mint plant as much as you do!

3 Lemon Balm

Grow lemon balm to repel mosquitoes but to utilise lemon balm's repellent properties to the maximum, simply pick some of the fresh leaves, crush them between your palms, and then rub on your exposed skin. These plants are extremely easy to care for and can be kept outdoors or indoors, so you can have them all year!

4 Lemongrass

You must be loving the twigs of lemongrass in your chai but lemongrass is also popular for its mosquito-repellent properties.  Apart from mosquitoes, the plant also helps to fight off flies, making it a great plant for both indoor and outdoor use. So pot your hard-to-kill lemongrass and garnish your beverages with it! Also, grow these indoor plats to purify the air in your home. 

5 Citronella

You already know that citronella is an effective mosquito repellent. While applying citronella oil on your skin can give you instant relief, potting it in your house can keep the mosquitoes at bay for good. For convenience, place citronella in a pot on your verandah and use it to repel mosquitoes when needed. Here's why some people are more prone to mosquito bites than others. 

6 Eucalyptus

From helping with coughs and colds to relieving joint pain, the power of eucalyptus is endless. But did you know it is also very helpful to fend off those relentless mosquitoes? These plants can grow very tall, so you can use it repel mosquitoes for years to come. So if you have space in your house, you are in luck.

7 Sage

Sage keeps mosquitoes from getting too close for comfort. The smell of sage is what repels the mosquitoes, but birds love it! Plant sage in your garden or keep it in your home for cleansing purposes.

These are also the easiest plants to care for, so you do not have to break your back potting these plants. Simply place them in a spot where they get enough sunlight and water them regularly.