It is no secret that staring at a computer screen for a long time can strain your eyes. Computer and smart phone screens emit blue light, which dries out and irritates the eyes. And since most of us are working from home, we are logging in for long hours. Watching Netflix for a long time can also have the same effect. While you must consciously try to limit your screen time to keep your eyes healthy, here's how to significantly bring down your risk of eye-related infections.

Take a Break at Regular Intervals

If you are working on your laptop, you must move your eyes away from the screen at regular intervals. Continuously staring at the screen may damage the ciliary muscles of your eyes. Shift your gaze and focus on any object about 10 feet away for a few seconds to deal with screen-related eye problems.

Blink Your Eyes

When you are too engrossed at work, you tend to blink your eyes less. This leads to dry and tired eyes. To overcome the problem, blink your eyes more frequently to give your eye muscles some much needed rest. Blinking will aslo facilitate better circulation of moisture around the eyes. Wondering What HRs Do During Work From Home? These WFH Memes and Jokes Should Provide An Answer.

Roll Your Eyes

Roll your eyes to tone your eye muscles and stimulate blood circulation around the eyes. Roll your eyes in both clockwise and anti-clockwise about 20 times to reduce the eye strain while you are working. Working From Home Due to Coronavirus? Here Are Security Tips by Cyber Dost That You Should Follow.

Give Your Eyes a Massage

Keep your eyes closed. Rub your palms together to produce some heat and then, place both your palms over your eyes for about ten minutes. This exercise is great for your eyes. Self-Isolating During COVID-19 Pandemic: How to Create a Work from Home Station That Won't Hurt Your Back and Neck.

Always ensure that you work in a well-lit room at all times. A dim or fluorescent light can put more strain on your eyes. As much as you can, avoid working in a dark room.

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