The Coronavirus lockdown has forced everyone to work from home as social distancing is one of the keys to contain the spread of COVID-19. However, working from home can create some cybersecurity threats. Now the Cyber-safety and Cybersecurity awareness handle maintained by Ministry of Home Affairs has released security tips to people who are working remotely. Beware of Malware-Infected Links Related to Coronavirus, They May Steal Data From Mobile Phones And Computes: Government to Citizens.

Cyber Dost is a Twitter handle, @CyberDost, launched in March 2018 that advises people on how to be safe in the cyberspace. The account, marked as a cyber-safety and cybersecurity awareness handle, has close to 1,66,000 followers. How to Work from Home with Your Partner Without Driving Each Other Crazy During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Here Are Security Tips For Work From Home (WFH):

  • Change all the default passwords and keep a strong password for all devices and online account.
  • Don't share meeting links publicly or via social media platforms.
  • Use trusted apps/as approved by your employer for video conferencing/collaborative work.
  • Keep all operating system, antivirus, application updated.
  • Avoid open/free wi-fi network, change the default password of your home wi-fi and admin passwords.
  • Be careful of phishing e-mails which emails which may be disguised as similar to your superior mail id. Check the link properly before opening it.
  • Use a secure network for accessing the office system.
  • Keep the remote access disable until and unless required. If required should be used with proper security.
  • Do not use the same devices for work and leisure activities.
  • Use computer laptop provided by the company, instead of a personal system wherever possible.

According to reports, there is a spike in cybercrimes as more people turn to the net during the lockdown. Free Netflix, Amazon Prime cheap internet or an unemployment allowance are some tricks used by fraudsters to trick people and steal data. Therefore it is advised to follow the basic safety protocols that your employer has implemented.

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