Self-Isolating During COVID-19 Pandemic: How to Create a Work from Home Station That Won't Hurt Your Back and Neck
Work from home (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The rise in the COVID-19 cases has compelled the government to order a nationwide lockdown. But since you are working from home right now, there is a good chance that you are sampling different corners within your four walls in the quest to find the most productive station possible. But if you are dealing with back and neck pain that couch or the laptop on the bed setup might not be cutting it. These tips will help you create an at-home working environment with proper ergonomics.

1. Secure a Space and Sit on a Chair

If you have a desk or a table at home, clear off the old magazines to create that work setup to help you focus. It can be challenging to concentrate when you are sitting with your kids on the couch or in the playroom. Your next best option is to sit on a chair with a backseat on your kitchen or dining table. Wondering What HRs Do During Work From Home? These WFH Memes and Jokes Should Provide An Answer.

2. Adjust Your Screen

If you find yourself slouching over your laptop, make sure that you adjust your screen. Your laptop screen should be about eye level to prevent your neck from extending up or down. Getting your monitor to your eye level will make you worry less about positioning your arms. Reliance Jio Introduces New Rs 251 'Work From Home' Recharge Plan Amid COVID-19 Lockdown; Check Out Benefits.

3. Take Breaks and Move Around

Regardless of your work set up, the best thing you can do to prevent back and neck pain is to move around. Our bodies are designed to move, so make sure that you do not sit at a place the entire day. It is easy to get caught up in work, so set a timer to change position and get your body moving.

4. Ditch the Couch

When you are slouching over your laptop on a couch, your back is less supported, and you are more likely to move your head forward to get it closer to the screen. If you want to break out of your chair and sit on the couch for some time, keep your head back and your ears in line with your shoulders. Kartik Aaryan's 'Work-From-home' Pics Remind You How Stylishly Goofy The Lad Is!

In the end, do not forget to squeeze some time in for self-care. Maybe you can put potato peels and cucumber slices on your eyes to reduce the dark circles and soothe the eyes in that 10-minute break.