Eyebrow Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Arches for Life!
Eyebrow (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

In today's beauty world, it is hard to imagine a time where we wanted anything other than the biggest and boldest eyebrows. And why not? Bold eyebrows make your faces look symmetrical and defined. But how many times have you come out dissatisfied from a salon? These eyebrow mistakes are making this hot trend look like a hot mess. How many are you guilty of? Be honest!


You Dab Products on Your Eyebrows

All the gels, lotions, foundations and moisturiser you dab on your eyebrows can seep into the brows and cause hairs to fall out as well as prevent hair growth. Your brows stem from hair follicles so if you are putting nothing on your scalp, why would you put them on your brows? You might instead just want to enhance your eyelashes as they are resistant to chemicals and other deleterious factors.

You Wax your Brows

Never wax your brows as they can change the shape of your arches for good. Waxing not only lacks the precision but it also stretches the delicate skin. It can also sometimes pull hairs in every direction, which causes the hairs to break and create unappealing in-grown hairs. Tweezing is the most precise method because you're only pulling a single hair at a time. Halo Eyebrows +10 Most Bizarre Eyebrow Trends to Have Hit Instagram

You Pluck Too Close To the Mirror

When you get too close to the mirror, you find yourself looking at every hair rather than the overall shape of your brows. This can leave you with thin, uneven brows. So take a couple of steps back from the mirror so that you can see your whole face instead of just your brows. Eyebrow Threading and Acne: 3 Pimple Prevention Tips You've Never Heard Before

You Misjudge the Length

It is easy to misjudge the length of your brows so the best idea is to follow the "blink brow bar" rule of thumb to get it right. Grow an extra two lines of hair below the shape that you have created and then use a pencil to measure where they should start. Move the pencil from the bridge of your nose to the end of your brow.

You Try To Make Them Look Identical

You will most likely end up over-plucking your brows in your quest to make them look identical. Remember that your brows should be sisters, not twins. They are not your winged liners which need precision. Shocking! Kentucky Woman Peels Off Her Eyebrows While Removing Facemask (Watch Video)

You Start from the Outside and Work Your Way In

Instead of starting from the outside, what you would ideally want to do is start in the middle of your brow, where it is naturally full. From there, work lightly toward the tail. When you are done, go back to the start of your brow and add a few fine flicks so the inner corner is lighter and more natural-looking than the outer one.

Protip: Match your brows to the lighter strands of your hair. By making your brows lighter with a brow mascara, for example, will really make your eyes pop.