By now the internet has told us how important eyebrows are. Eyebrows frame your face. You cannot make a picture look good if you put it in an ugly frame, no matter how great the picture is. But what about the acne outbreak after threading eyebrows? How can we avoid that? We all have experienced acne. We have some tried and tested skincare hacks to use before and after threading to avoid acne and bumps and blisters all around your brows after threading. Do You Shave Your Pubic Hair? Here Are Traditions that Women Follow Around the World.

Threading can be painful but you know what tops that pain? The acne all over your forehead and temple after trying to shape your eyebrows. Here are some steps to follow and keep in mind every time you thread your eyebrows. Monsoon Hair Care 2019: From Hair Fall to Dandruff, How to Say Goodbye to Hair Problems During Rains.

Clean your skin

You know when you go out to the beauty parlour and the beautician just starts powering your skin and gets to work with her thread? Yes, don’t do that. When you thread your skin, you pluck out hair from its root which leaves empty pores. The talcum powder easily gets into the pores and adds contaminants to your skin. Instead, ask your beautician to use a toner or cleaner on a cotton pad and clean your skin before threading. This will get rid of existing dirt and oil on your skin and prevent acne.


Say NO to Gel or Cream on Your Skin Right After Threading

Stop your beautician from applying the gel-like cream on your skin right after threading. The product in the jar has been touched by multiple people in the beauty salon for countless clients. You don’t want it on your face. And because your hair has been pulled out, there is now an empty hole where the hair used to be. The gel will clog your skin and give you acne. Also, avoid applying makeup on your skin right after threading.


Face Mask

Once you’re done, apply a face mask all over your bare skin to take out all the impurities from your skin. Let the mask sit on your skin for 10-15 minutes and wash off. After washing your skin, use a toner to rub off things still left behind. This is the time to moisturise. Now your skin is ready for your skin care routine.

Follow these three steps to avoid acne on your forehead after threading. This seems like a lengthy process but it will make sure your skin is clear after the irritation caused by threading. Threading doesn’t only make your skin red and bumpy for a while right after threading, but you can get horrible acne from this. If you’re someone who can’t get threading to work for you, try shaving your eyebrows in shape with eyebrow razors or trimmers.

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