Shocking! Kentucky Woman Peels Off Her Eyebrows While Removing Facemask (Watch Video)
Shocking! Kentucky Woman Peels Off Her Eyebrows While Removing Facemask (Watch Video) (Photo Credit: Reddit/ @nikkibaabby)

Peel off masks have become a rage these days, especially the black ones that claim they have activated charcoal in them that helps you remove all the toxins, blackheads, whiteheads from your face. So many videos doing rounds on the internet show women apply the peel off mask and then slowly peel the pack off. They also show the inner side of the peeled off face pack that shows the pulled out blackheads and dead skin flakes. However, these videos usually either popularise the products or simply put it up to enjoy the smooth peel-off. Yes! Some people do find it extremely satisfying. However, a recent peel-off mask video that has gone viral on the internet is of a mom. It has gone viral for all the hilarious reasons though.

The woman in the video mistakingly applies the peel-off mask on her eyebrows as well and the peel off is so sticky that it actually pulls off her eyebrows. Yes! The peel-off mask does rip her eyebrows off. In the video, however, you'll see a very light-hearted reaction from the mother. The video is reportedly filmed by her daughter, who later put the video up of Reddit. Take a look at the video.

Mom lost her eyebrows to a face mask (from @nikkibaabby on twitter) from r/ContagiousLaughter

People in no time began to suggest various alternatives she could have opted for. Some of the comments read, 'A cloth in circular motions or scratching it off the brows. People pls look for other options before deciding to have mo brow' and the other one read, 'Wet washcloth, wrap index finger and gently scrub off. Rinse repeat until all of the masque is off. Easier to do before it dries, but no it's not a deathsentence for your brows.' Only if she would have taken some time to review the situation, she would have had her brows with her today.