Foods That Causes Acne: 5 Worst Acne-causing Staple As Well As Junk Food That You Must Avoid
Your diet plays a major role in causing acne. (Photo Courtesy: PixaBay)

Acne is one of the major problems these days. While sometimes the cause of frequent breakouts could be hormonal issues and diseases like PCOD/PCOS, many times it is simply because of your bad eating habits. Even if certain foods aren't the root cause of acne they do worsen it. A healthy diet is very good for your overall skin health let alone acne.

While you must include protein-rich, high-fibre foods in your diet, you might also want to refrain from eating a few foods that are extremely unhealthy for your skin for various reasons. Take a look at 5 such foods.

1. Bread

Bread is the root of many problems. But when it comes to acne-causing foods, gluten present in the bread is the villain. While increasing a systemic inflammation, it also leads to small intestinal damage. Some of the valuable antioxidants also get depleted by consuming bread which results in Acne. Also, 'Gluten sensitivity' is directly linked with Psoriasis, Dermatitis Herpetiformis and other skin issues.

2. Potato Chips

Potato Chips is one of the most popular junk food.  Mostly fried in oils that are cheap and lacking in almost all vitamins and minerals, Chips are stated as one of the major acne-causing foods that damage our skin. The fact that it has too many carbohydrates that forms a quick insulin spike leading to systemic inflammation. Also, It is high in omega-6 fats which comes from the oil from which it is made, which is not so good news for your body.

3. Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate contains a lot of sugar in it and that's where the actual problem lies. A number of nerve impulses transmitted across a synapse in our nervous system. This sudden impulse can cause a great harm to your skin leaving it full of acne.

4. Pizza

Pizza is high in carbohydrates above that it is topped with dairy products as well. A complete recipe to worsen your acne. Adhering to the food which is not processed or refined and is low-sugar food, is the best approach for limiting acne-causing factors.


If you are having an issue of acne stay away from dairy products.  Dairy unquestionably has a whole set of problems. But as it comes to acne, there are two foremost issues which contribute. Firstly, dairy highly stimulates the production of insulin. This determines that the body produces a considerable amount of insulin when you consume milk. Secondly, milk is a hormone-dense delivery system this may sound a bit surprising to you but studies have proven a hormonal issue directly linked with acne problems that are for many years.


The bottom line remains that you refrain for highly processed, rich in sugar and junk food. Choose what you eat wisely and do not indulge in foods rich in bad fats. A healthy, green diet is what you want for a glowing skin. Also, make sure you have the right skincare routine and always wash your makeup before going to bed.