Sex Positions for Endometriosis Pain: 5 Positions to Reduce Discomfort in Women
(Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Endometriosis affects about 176 million women, worldwide, regardless of race and ethnicity. Endometriosis is a condition where the endometrium, the tissue that’s supposed be inside the uterus grows elsewhere. It usually has the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the tissue lining your pelvis involved. Endometriosis is painful for women and greatly affects their sex lives. Majority of women with endometriosis complain about intercourse hurting. If you’re someone who’s trying to enjoy your sex life and want to forget the pain, we have a few positions you should try to have fun in the bedroom. Does Your Vagina Need Probiotics? How Good Bacteria Can Improve Vaginal Health.

Endometriosis goes undetected in many women by assuming the pain they experience is basic menstrual pain. Sex is often painful and feels like the first time. Here are 5 positions you should try to ease the pain. Okra Health Benefits: How Bhindi or Lady Fingers Can Help Weight Loss, Reduce Diabetes and Other Health Problems.

1. Vanilla Missionary

Peer pressure in adulthood is letting your friends convince you missionary position is boring. Missionary is the basic sex position with the guy on top and it’s enjoyed by everyone. Missionary is good for endometriosis as the girl is in a comfortable state and this allows her to try to relax. So don’t let your friends fool you into thinking missionary is “boring”. It’s also one of the most sensual positions.

2. Girl on Top

Girl on top has to be every man’s favourite. This could also be great for the girl as it allows her to take control. This position can be as wild as you like or as intimate, depending on your mood. It’s versatile and allows you to pick your pace and you’re in charge.

3. Doggy Style

This is a little tricky to tackle but once you find your spot and pose, this could be the best thing. Make sure you set boundaries on speed and how hard you want your partner to go. It’s safe to stay slow with this.

4. Spooning

Spooning is a more comforting sibling of the missionary position. Spooning is again very comfortable with as it doesn’t allow very deep penetration. If that’s something that causes discomfort, then give this one a shot.

5. Pillow Prop

If regular missionary is nice but lacks a little something, try elevating your hips with the help of a pillow. Place a soft, fluffy cushion under your lower back and help your hips up in a bridge-like position. This will allow you to calm down and make sex better.

Make sure you lube up pretty well. Dry sex hurts every woman and it’s another level with endometriosis. Pain during sex is one of the early symptoms of endometriosis. If you feel discomfort even after sex loads of time, menstruation and around the time of your period, we suggest you visit a doctor to get it tested.